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Emergers: Caddisflies

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As previously written, emergers are one of my favorite patterns to use, and very under utilized by the average fly fisherman. In our last blog, we spoke a bit about mayfly emergers. Here, I’d like to get into Caddisfly emergers.

Caddisflies go through a complete metamorphosis. The pupal stage is the emerging stage. The caddisfly utilizes a gas bubble like the mayfly, be it is equipped with swimming legs which it will to propel itself to the surface far more quickly than the mayfly.

With its legs giving it propulsion, the caddisfly is far more successful breaking through the surface film of the water. Additionally, caddisfly wings are hydrophobic, a fancy word which means the wings repel water. This lets the caddisfly take flight almost instantly.

This is why you won’t see trout sipping caddisflies like they do mayflies. Trout will either key on pupae swimming to the surface, deeper in the water column, or on the surface. You want to change it up a bit with varying depths. That’s it for now my fishy friends. Remember, we only one this one great mother earth. Take care of her. Pack it in, and pack it out.

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