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Time seems to be the one commodity that we never have enough of. Between our responsibilities as parents, spouses, and our careers; there never seems to be enough time to enjoy the outdoors as much as we would like. So, when we do get a chance to get out and visit our favorite stream; we want to make sure we have good, reliable, quality gear to give us the best opportunity to enjoy ourselves.


As a busy husband, father, and avid fly fisherman; I became frustrated with our fly choices: either pay a premium for flies and not get premium quality, spend hours of time at the vise, or buy something cheaper only to have it fall apart after a couple casts. This was the motivation that began the RiverBum concept. Our goal is to provide premium, reliable, quality gear that will help us maximize our time on the water and offered at fair prices that everyone can afford.


What drives our passion and why we do what we do is fairly simple. The fly fishing industry has historically not been very diverse, and catered towards the more economically fortunate. To change this dynamic became our passion. Our calling. As husbands for 20 years and counting, and  fathers of very smart and active daughters, our mission is to create a more open and accessible industry.  One that welcomes everyone from all walks of life. We’ve had women pros and ambassadors for years. Real guides, real casting instructors, and women passionate about the sport and opening it all.


Our goal is also to deliver great value to our customers. Offer great quality products at fair price points. We sampled product globally, from over 50 of the world’s best tiers. Most didn’t make the cut, including those that service the large popular retailers. Discount shops?   What good is a discount price if the fly doesn’t last and falls apart?  


At RiverBum, we use only the best materials like Daiichi chemically sharpened hooks. Our materials are sourced from Whiting Farms Hackle, Wapsi, Hareline and Spirit River. We NEVER use cheap materials.   We have confidence in all our products. Why? We audit the factories, we impose tight quality and social controls, and…. we use them ourselves.  Some of our flies are made in the USA, some are made offshore. Common to all is the strict quality and social standards we require. We pay more, and gladly. Why? Because we have confidence in the quality and the conditions the good folks that supply us work under.


At RiverBum, we love to hear from our customers. Please send us your product reviews, fishing reports, pictures, product ideas, and of course suggestions. RiverBum will continue to expand and will include even more premium fly patterns and products. We firmly believe we have the best quality flies in the marketplace today selling at fantastic prices. Our goal is to establish long term customer relationships, delivery value in all we do, and help make the outdoor experience accessible to all. It’s the RiverBum way.


Tight lines and screaming drags……


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4135 S Power Road, Suite 133.
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