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Emergers: Mayflies

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Emergers are one of my favorite patterns to use, and very under utilized by the average fly fisherman. They are an important part of any trout’s diet. Emerger ring in the hatch, and will continue throughout.

There’re basically two kinds of emergers. There’s one that will emerge from the riverbed, drift in the film of the water, then taking to the air. The other, will skitter across the water trying to find a rock or a branch.

Let’s take a look at mayfly emergers. Mayfly emergers drift into up and into the film after gathering gas under its exoskeleton. It swims to the surface gyrating and undulating it body. The surface tension of the surface of the water can be a significant barrier for our mayfly friends. This leads to a significant failure rate of emergers actually turning into duns.

During any given hatch, there will be more spent emergers than actually duns. They rest just below the surface of the water and drift downstream. Easy forage for our hungry trout, far easier to pick off than a dun leaving the water. Trout often will prefer emergers for this reason, and are a good fly to use when targeting Mr. Big Stuff.That’s it for now my fishy friends.   Remember, we only one this one great mother earth. Take care of her. Pack it in, and pack it out.

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