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RiverBum Ambassadors

Welcome to our RiverBum Ambassador Page. What’s a RiverBum ambassador? A RiverBum ambassador is someone that is passionate about the sport of fly fishing, believes in conservation, ethical use of our waters, and helps folks learn and grow into the sport of fly fishing.

Similar to our Pros, our Ambassadors use our products, test them, and provide valuable feedback. We have a wonderful cross section of folks representing many areas of the country and species fished for. Check out their stories.


RiverBum Ambassador Gabby Rich


Gabby Rich

Born and raised in Arizona, I’ve spent almost my whole life fly fishing. My dad got me into fly fishing around the age of four when our entire family traveled to the Greer Lakes. From there, my dad started taking me to all the small creeks around the Christopher Creek and Forest Lakes area where I love to chase wild brown and rainbow trout. Just recently, I’ve really gotten into chasing our local gutter tarpon and gutter bonefish (grass and common carp). Carp are certainly tricky fish and not easy to hook into, but they fight like crazy.

I am about to start my freshman year at Arizona State University as a biological science major with a focus on conservation biology and ecology. As for possible careers in the future, I think it would be awesome to be a fly fishing guide. I also would love to start a fly fishing club at ASU.

Fly fishing is definitely what I love to do the most. There is always something new to learn everytime I go out on the water. Whether it be a creek I’ve been fishing for years or a new body of water, the thrill is always there..





Keith Berfield

I grew up Bass fishing on farm ponds in Sullivan County Pa. In 2007, my brother in law introduced me to fly fishing, it was a struggle to get going. Once I finally caught my first trout on my home waters of Lehigh County - I was hooked.

From that point on my interest, knowledge and participation grew. In March of 2016 I hooked up with Temple Fork Outfitter’s and quickly became on their Pro Staff, becoming a PT Sub Rep. Along with that I am an Ambassador for Rock treads, Brook Fishing Equipment, Cortland Lines, Nucast, 3-Tand, Yeti  and Chota Outdoor Gear. I am honored to represent all of these amazing brands.

However, most important I am a husband and father to my wife Ginna and my two amazing boys Dylan and Logan. Who support all I do, without them I’d be lost.





Maddie Filomeo

Maddie was raised in a small town in Northern California where she has been chasing trout in creeks and streams in the country side since she was able to hold a fishing rod. She was raised by two parents who shared a love for fishing and eagerly passed their knowledge down to her and her siblings.

The first picked up a fly rod and transitioned her fishing style at the age of twenty two where her love for fly fishing quickly grew like a wildfire.  Although her knowledge and love for fly fishing is still relatively new, her passion and dedication to the sport keeps her running for the water with every opportunity that she finds.

Her pursuit has broadened her horizons from fishing dries for trout in small mountain lakes and those country side streams to swinging intruders in the beautiful coastal rivers of the Pacific North West.

She currently works a nine to five desk job as a staffing specialist but hopes to one day step away from the desk and pursue a life on the water. Her goal is to be able to travel and explore new water while teaching others what fly fishing is really about. Also, to be able to break the stigma associated with the fly fishing lifestyle that states it is a man’s sport, and introduce more women to this wonderful world of fly fishing.

Maddie frequents Sacramento River, Trinity River, Smith River, Chetco River, Pit River, Rogue River, Hat Creek rivers.





Miree Lee

Since the age of 6, Miree has always found fishing to be the best source for respite and rejuvenation, thanks to her father who has a passion for the outdoors and great respect for American waters.  Having cast her first fly rod in 2011, Miree spends every opportunity to fly fish her home waters in Arizona (Oak Creek in Sedona and Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon) and other out-of-state waters, including salt, such as the Missouri River in Montana, Queets River in Washington, Isle of Palms in South Carolina and Hawaii in search of beautiful fish that grace our American waters.  In 2015, Miree won the Missouri River Lodge’s Fish of the Year with a 27-inch rainbow on a 6wt fly rod.  This was especially rewarding because Miree’s father was with her as she hooked, fought, landed and safely released this special fish.

 To this day, whether it be solo or alongside her father and/or friends, Miree continues fly fishing her way throughout the country.  When asked by non-anglers why fly fishing is such a passion, Miree’s answer is always “It’s the zen of the water and the thrill of the chase encapsulated in the same moment.”  As a passionate fly angler dedicated to conservation, desire to share the therapeutic and restorative nature of fly fishing with all people without regard to income/race/gender/age, and commitment to the power of community, Miree is honored to be an ambassador for RiverBum, an extraordinary company with shared values and mission.






Peter Husted

Peter comes to RiverBum by way of Denmark.  He frequently fishes waters throughout Scandinavia, Europe, Florida and the Bahamas.   He is always seeking new experiences and challenges.   Whether rafting, hiking, or other outdoor adventures.  Some of these challenges include guiding in Alaska, Greenland, and the Bahamas.

An innovative casting expert, Peter also works as a casting instructor.  Through this love for teaching, Peter has started up his own production company, Water's Edge Media.Through Waters Edge, he’s able to bring his love of the sport to everyone.  Peter also enjoying sharing his love of the outdoors and fishing  with his wife and daughter.

Check out some of Peter's work at Water's Edge Media




RiverBum Pro Ambassador Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith

Born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania Kayla has been fishing along side her dad for as long as she can remember. However, she didn't start fly fishing until 2013 when she met her boyfriend Tim. 

She is an Accounts Payable Manager and resides in Nazareth, Pa. She spends most of her weekends fly fishing along side her boyfriend. Kayla favors brown trout and native Brookies in skinny water, but will fish for anything. She also enjoys trips to New York and the coast for steelhead, and surf fishing.

Kayla hopes to share her love of fly fishing with younger generations, while gaining more knowledge of the sport. Some of her goals include targeting larger specials, and salt water fly fishing.




RiverBum Pro - Jeff Marsh

Jeff Marsh

You can find Jeff Marsh wading or rowing his drift boat on the AuSable River, Rifle River and countless other river systems through out his home state of Michigan. Jeff has been fly fishing for twenty years and favors chasing Brown, Brook and rainbow trout and steelhead. Married and a father of two children, Jeff shares his passion for fly fishing with children with severe emotional disabilities by using fly fishing as a therapeutic and positive emotional outlet.





RiverBum Pro - Tiffany Fleming

Tiffany Fleming aka South Dakota Flygirl

Tiffany grew up fishing in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Her home waters are Rapid Creek, Spring Creek, Castle Creek, and surrounding lakes in the Black Hills and Custer. She has been fishing for 13 years and targets browns, rainbos, lake trout and brookies.

"I've always had a love of the outdoors. As a child I was in toe of my father while hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. It became a passion for me at a young age. I enjoy four wheeling, camping, exploring, hunting small and large game, but most of all fly fishing. I've been blessed to flyfishing in many places from Colorado to Alaska! My journey began many years ago with a trip to Yellowstone national park. I bought a $100 setup at the Yellowstone lake store at 21 years old...and the rest is history! I enjoy spending time with my pup Kenai and quiet moments on the creeks....hours in my tying room coming up with little creations. Life and God are good."




RiverBum Pro Scott Lattea

Scott Lattea

Scott spent his youth chasing trout in the rivers and lakes all over his home state of West Virginia.  For the last 12 years however he has been fly fishing for salmon, steelhead, and big brown trout through out Ohio, Pennsylvania,  and New York in the area known as "Steelhead Alley".

Scott also works on the pro staff for Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming in additiona to his duties as a local sherrifs deputy in his home town of Bridgeport, West Virginia




RiverBum Pro - Greg Scheer

Greg Scheer

Greg lives in Southeast Idaho, a fly fishing paradise. A 25 year fly fishing veteran his back yard is the South Fork of the Snake River, Henry’s Fork and Teton Rivers along with many back country streams and lakes. Greg fly fishes primarily from a drift boat. A bonus to southeast Idaho is Steelhead fishing. Idaho has a nice fall-spring run which Greg targets at peak times.

Greg fishes Alaska yearly for salmon and trout. He spent last summer guiding king salmon fishing in Alaska. Nothing better than hooking a king on a fly rod or any rod for that matter.

He grew up in North Dakota fishing walleye and pike. It was his Grandfather that got him into fishing at a young age. It seems that when we learn from people we love, it sticks in our blood more, and you become more passionate to the sport. He still returns to North Dakota to fish the same waters his grandfather took him.





Wayne Palinckx

Wayne began fly-fishing in the mountain lakes and streams of Colorado over Thirty-Five years ago.  Since 1980 Wayne’s passion for fly-fishing has continued to grow.  He now spends majority of his days guiding or fishing on Mountain Rivers, specifically the South Platte tail waters. Fly-fishing has become a lifelong pursuit of perfecting his talent and sharing his passion with others. His journeys have taken him to countless states and many countries in search of all the wonderful experiences the world of fly fishing offers.

Wayne married the love of his life Angela, his high school sweetheart. They have two sons, he has coached hockey and is also a small business owner.  Wayne has the ability to breakdown the finer points of angling to help his clients quickly master the art of fly fishing. Focusing on fun and an abundance of Enthusiasm./p>

When he’s not guiding, you’ll find Wayne on a river, somewhere.

Wayne frequents North Platte, South Platte, Blue, Gunnison, Taylor, Yampa, Frying Pan, Colorado, and Roaring Fork rivers.




RiverBum Pro - Juraj Sabol

Juraj Sabol

Juraj's hometown is Presov, Slovakia and he currently resides in Manchester, NJ. He targets striped bass, trout, salmon and steelhead, and you'll find him frequenting the waters of Delaware River, Limestone creeks of PA, Salmon River and the Jersey shore saltwaters. He has been fly fishing for eight years, and tying flys for seven.

More about Juraj: Born and raised in Slovakia. US NAVY War VET. Fly tyer and a fly fisherman of north east salt water species, love chasing spring and Fall stripers, and steelhead. A member of Project Healing Water. A father of two Wonderful girls. "Always looking to rip lips"





Jeff Gensheimer

Jeff is the father of two Ellie and Jase and Husband to Katie. Jeff has been fishing for as long as he can remember and fly fishing for the last 15 years. Jeff grew up fishing the Lehigh Valley in South Eastern Pennsylvania and has fly fished in almost every state From Maine to Florida. Jeff’s home waters are the Bushkill and Brodhead Creek as well as the Delaware and Lehigh River. Every trip on the water Jeff is learning something new, it’s what keeps him coming back for more.






Andrew Welker

Andrew Welker hails from NE Missouri and loves setting the hook on the beautiful trout in MO! The Current River is great blue ribbon water here but the large mouth bass fishing pulls draws him back home quickly as well!

Andrew will travel to find great waters. He's fished the Green River, the Arkansas River and the famous Gunnison River. If he can get away to do some fishing and camping, he's all over it!





RiverBum Pro David Franks

David Franks

Dave  grew up cane fishing for bream and crappie his  my hometown in Arkansas.   He quickly transitioned  to the love of fly fishing on any and all streams, rivers, lakes, and puddles in Arkansas.  He works in the Agricultural Field.  While during the spring his trips are limited, he tries to makes up for it throughout the rest of the year. Dave is also an avid duck hunter from Nov-Jan.  He’s married with two amazing kids.  His son is usually his tag  along fishing buddy.  Nothing better than teaching a kid to love the outdoors.  Keep your lines tight and your shots straight!

The waters he hits regularly are Greers Ferry Lake, Little Red River, Norfork River, White River, Buffalo River, Spring River, and anywhere else in between!




RiverBum Pro Melanie Figueira

Melanie Figueira

Fishing has always been a part of Melanie’s life, and in recent years it has become more of a lifestyle then just a hobby. Melanie was born and raised in the Småländska highlands in Sweden, with it’s deep forests and many lakes. As a child, her father taught her how to spin fish for pike,bass and walleye.

Melanie started fly fishing in late 2016, and it was a big game changer. Today she can’t imagine life with out fly fishing. “What I enjoy the most is the hunt for brown trout in small, fast waters, it’s by the river and creeks I feel at home.” says Melanie. When she’s not swinging a rod, she most likely will be found tying flies, hanging out by the river with friends  or spending time with her family.

“The sense of calm and peace within that you experience out by the waters and being a part of nature can’t be found anywhere else. “ explains Melanie.

She also runs Monkey Fly Fishing, a small business and blog where she shares her fishing adventures and sell her own hand tied quality flies




RiverBum Pro Nathan Justice

Nathan Justice

Nathan Justice is a husband and proud father of two children, and President of Sal Font Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Introduced to fly fishing at a Boy Scout meeting in 1999, he instantly fell in love with the sport and has been fishing ever since. Nathan began his conservation journey in 2008 when he became interested in Natives and Wild Trout.

In 2012, Nathan began volunteering and focusing exclusively on native brook trout and the conservation of them. He recognized a need for brook trout education and founded BrookieBum in March of 2016. Since then, BrookieBum has grown into a conservation educational group with over 1,400 members on Facebook, and the BrookieBum YouTube channel has garnered much respect and attention from State agencies and other conservation groups.

Today BrookieBum is paving the way for educational fly fishing, by working with State Agencies and Conservation groups like Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture, Trout Unlimited, WVDNR, WVDEP, and USFS.





Caleb Salzman

Caleb resides in the beatuful state of Wyoming where he fishes the Greybull River, Northfork & Southfork(Cody) and the Bighorn River for cutthroat, rainbows and brown trout. Caleb started fishing at an early age and developed his passion for fly fishing over the last few years when he realized the rewarding challenge the sport presented.

Caleb is currently attending Sheridan College and will graduate with an Associates Degree in Wildlife Biology. During the summer he works for the Forest Service as a Ranger Aid and loves to hit the creeks after work in the back country. Caleb sums up his love for fly fishing best in his own words - "because it is a release from everyday life, all stresses go away when you are looking out over a pristine lake or river and just simply taking in the beauty and enjoying life."





Cyndi Hartline

Cyndi's love for fishing began at the age of five Bass Fishing the Allegeny with her Dad and PapPap.  She's a Nurse, Account Executive and a busy single mom that's trying to keep up with her ten year old daughter.  Teaching her daughter about the more important things in life is a priority for Cyndi.  She spends as much time on the water as possible.

Cyndi has been exclusively a gear fishman.  Very accomplished in the pike and musky field.  She's excited to take on a new challenge and learn the sport of fly fishing.  She'll be writting out her transition, her triumphs and here challenges.




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