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Kayak Fishing

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When it comes to “kayak” fly fishing, the first obstacle might be learning to cast sitting down in a tight space. So, if you are just getting into fly fishing out of a kayak, I would say “less is more”. Bring the least amount of gear possible, like your rod/reel, a box of flies, and maybe a net. The reason for this is, the more things that are on your yak the more things for your fly line to get wrapped around and cause you bigger problems.

The net is always great because it can be used for a stripping basket on windy days and it’s always a lot easier landing a fish on fly with a net. One major thing to remember is to keep your elbow higher than normal when casting. This will help keep your line from dipping down into the water blowing your cast.

The next tip is to only pull the amount of line off your reel that you will need to cast. Line management is always a big thing in any type of fly fishing. It becomes a lot more critical fishing out of a kayak because you are dealing with a lot less space.

Now if you actually get a chance to fly fish out of “Fishing Kayak” you soon come to realize that most of them are so stable that you can actually stand in them with ease. This means you can literally cast 360 degrees around you. In the standing position on a yak- in my eyes there is no better casting platform out there because there are limitless ways to cast at your target.

And last but not least you can always use your kayak as a vehicle to get you to your location and jump out to stand, wade, etc… Just remember to take your time and everything will start to click little by little. You will soon be on your way to being an avid kayak fly fisherman in no time! :)

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