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Fly Fishing Insect Buffet

An effective angler knows that you need to match your fly to what the fish are eating. While there are a tremendous amount of food and fly choices for fish, they are not available all at once.  Water temperature, amount of daylight hours, time of year….all of these things influence what is available for fish to eat. 

Choosing the right fly fishing fly for every situation

Aquatic insects, by far, make up the main diet of most fresh water fish species, trout being the most noteworthy. It's helpful to know the four main insect orders and their respective life stages.

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Put the odds in your favor, and you’ll catch more fish. That, my friend, is how you can conquer the smorgasbord of flies out there and choose the right ones to take to the river -  the ones that are going to give you the highest probability of success on the river!

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