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Tips for Fishing the Surf

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Surf fishing can be tough, almost unforgiving at times, with the fly rod. Here are some tips to help you out.


If you’re surf fishing, you’re going to have wind. There’s no way around it. Practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. Experiment a bit too. You’ll find yourself in situation where you’re going to have to learn to cast from many different angles. In many cases, you’re casting heavy flies. Practice, Practice, Practice

Set the Hook

Don’t even think of a trout set! You’re not lifting the rod here. You’re streamer fishing. Hard, tight, streamer set folks! Lift the rod, lose the fish.


When I was a kid fishing ponds for bass from the shore, I’d always try to find the Blue Herons. They knew where the baitfish was, and that’s where the bass would be. Surf fishing is no different. Pay attention to the birds. They’ll lead you to fish.


All fish gravitate to structure. Fishing the surf is no different. Fish will gravitate towards piers, rock piles, jetties, channels and anything else natural or man-made.

Lay of the Land

There’s an old saying that a trees root struct mimics that of what it looks like above. I’m not sure on that one, but when it comes to the land-water transition you can find some hints. If the land slopes slightly into the water, theres a good chance that is what’s going on below the surface. Rocky, irregular will likely continue that into the water as well. Checking out the structure in very low tides can also prove instructional.

Avoid the Sun

I find the most product times to fish are exceptionally early before the sun rises, and at dawn. These seem to be prime feeding times.


This seems obvious, just don’t over look it. Predatory fish will natural seek areas of stronger current where they can more easily ambush their prey.

Be Safe

You’re going to be dealing with constantly changing water conditions. Pay attention. Also, avoid the jewelry. Fish are attracted to flashy thing. Leave the sparkle at home.

That's it for now my fishy friends.   Tight Lines and Screaming Drags


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