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Start With Why

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I recently read a great book by Simon Sinek title “Start With Why”. I was a great read. Many of the things called out in the book I have been intuitively for years. I very rarely tell my staff “what” to do or “how” to do it. I’ll communicate the goals or what I might envision as the end result and let them find the method or manner that suits them the best.

I believe the same is true for business. Each business needs to have a purpose. It needs to use that purpose as its moral compass, and make its business decisions around that common shared purpose.

There are many fly-fishing businesses out there. Some globally dominant multinationals. Some barely discernable from others. Where does RiverBum fit into that equation. What is RiverBum’s purpose? What is our why?

Every Fly Fisherman is a Conservationist: I believe the vast majority of fly fisherman are conservationists. They care about the waters they fish. I also believe in the power of the individual. That the smallest of good deeds are worth far more than the best of intentions. Every trip I go on, I bring and empty bag of trash and will routinely fill it from trash left behind by others. I’m only one person, but think how powerful this would be if many others did similarly?

Open the Sport to All: For decades, Fly Fishing has had an elitist connotation to it. An exclusive club if you will. Our goal is to bring more conservationists to the water, not fewer. We want fly fishing to be more inclusive, not less. We’ve worked hard to bring more women and children into the sport. Our first Pro is a woman, Allison Hendricks. As a father of two young daughters, we believe in promoting the sport with women in an honest, professional and ethical way. We are a family centric company. Our female pros and ambassadors are hard working guides and fly fishers kicking butt on a daily basis. Similar with our male ambassadors, they are family centric, respectful, and fantastic at what they do.

Value and Service: I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t born into money, and I work my tail off to provide for my family. I’m not big into brand identity. I go for great value and great service. We get rave reviews about the quality of our flies and the fair pricing. We don’t step through a wholesaler. We buy direct from some of the best commercial tiers on the market and insist on the best quality materials, no exceptions. The savings, we pass on to you. Our business partners have the same philosophies. Have you ever used High N Dry floatants? If not, your missing out on something special. I’ve used them all from Loon to Gink to whatever. HnD outperforms them hands down. What a Fiberglass rod with superior sensitivity? Look no further than Reilly rods. Fantastic valued graphite rods and reels, give Maxxon and NuCast a look.

Center of the Circle: In our world, the customer is at the center of our circle. If any activity is not in the best interest of the customer, we stay away from it. Many manufacturers insist to be set up as a dealer, you have to buy a certain dollar amount of their product. That’s not customer centric, that’s supplier centric. That’s the market trying to push product on to you. We want the customer as the decision maker. We offer products at great values. We do promotions from time to time. At the end of the day, our goal is to offer you a wide variety of products and let the ones the offer the best quality, the best value, and the best service win out.

Well gang, that’s our “Why”. Whether in your personal life or your professional life, I’d encourage you to find your why. That’s it for now my fishy friends. Please remember, pack it in, pack it out.

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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