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​Give Leeches Some Love

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I’m just a dry fly guy trying to improve my game. I get it, we all get excited for the StoneflyBaetis and Caddis fly hatches right around the corner. However, subsurface fishing techniques are very necessary if we are going to be well rounded in the sport we love.

I’ve been swinging leeches and floating them under an indicator. All have been very effective. As the water temperatures transition, these insects become more active, and a more important food source for trout.

Leeches can be found it virtually all colors, though most are olive, black, brown, tan or grey. What color leeches your particular stream or lake holds is typically a function of water quality, clarity, streambed color and pH. There’s over 60 species in the United States.

Leeches emerge from shelter under rocks and other structure and drift in the current. It is for this reason that the dead drifted leech imitation works particularly well.

Leeches tend to have active windows early in the morning and early in the evening. They have a tendency to avoid bright sunlight. So in these lower light conditions, they will emerge from the shelter of sand, rocks, and other structure.

Remember, we only have this one earth. Take care of her. Pack it in, Pack it out.

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