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Fly Fishing Trip Preparation

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When you’re going on an excursion trip, it’s pretty obvious you need to spend time getting ready in advance, but many anglers fail to prepare for day trips. Ever look forward to going on a day trip with a buddy, getting there nice and early, only to spend 45 minutes at the truck getting everything sorted out and situated? I have, and it can be pretty frustrating.

I have a routine I go through before every day trip whether pan fishing, trout fishing or salt water fishing…..it’s pretty close to the same. Given, that I’ve decided what species I’m going after, I do a bit of research and see what forage the fish are biting on. From there, I select the flies I’ll be using.

Fly Box

On to the fly boxes! Having a bit of OCD is a blessing and a curse. I’m pretty meticulous about my boxes. I know all the bugs I’m going to use, I load them up, and have them ready to roll. This helps me on the water. I know what is where and I never waste a moment during a spinner fall.

The flies typically dictate the rod. Fishing small creeks and trip with dries and small nymphs, no sense packing the 6wt streamer rods. Here, I make sure the rod, reel, line weight, etc. all match up. If you’ve ever put your 3wt line on your 4wt rod, you’ll make sure you check this one. I’ve gotten to where I label each one of my cases and spools so I can easily and quickly match what I need too. While I’m at it, I check the line and the leader.

I then do what I call a vest check. Here I make sure I have all the gadgets and gizmos in order. Plenty of floatanttippetstrike indicators etc. Then I load up the truck. When you go through a process like this, you tend to be far more prepared on the water, more efficient, and less likely to forget something important.

Trust me, an hour or two spent the night before can be invaluable. I’ve had frayed loop on my line that I had to pinch of and nail knot on the leader. I’m no nail know superman. It was so much easier at the kitchen table in the warmth of my house than on the river with cold hands. That’s it for now my fishy friends. Please remember, pack it in, pack it out. Take care of mother nature and she’ll take care of you.

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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