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Why You Need a Landing Net

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There are mаnу tуреѕ оf gear аѕѕосіаtеd with fly fishing. Landing nets are a staple for nearly every angler because netting the fish makes landing a quicker process for the angler and the fish. If you just use the reel and rod to land the fish, you risk not only losing the fish, but can harm it in the process as well. The essence of catch and release is that the fish can swim away.

The Right Landing Net Makes a Difference

The netting should be constructed of the softest material available, thus preventing any harm or damage to the fish.  The handle and frame are made of either wood or lightweight metal such as aluminum. The netting itself is usually made from nylon, vinyl or rubber.   At RiverBum, we caution folks away from the nylon netting.  The nylon can be abrasive and remove the protective slim on the fish.

FiskNat San Juan Landing Net  FiskNat Float Tube Landing Net Fisknat Stream Landing Net

You will find nets designed with telescoping handles. Other features are frequently custom designed for the type of fishing desired. Everything down to how to carry the net has been addressed. Some nets include a built-in magnetic release system that allows easy attachment and removal from the fishing vest. Not only can it be removed with one hand, it is easy to carry through mountain terrain when hiking to the perfect secluded spot.

To make fishing a better experience, a measuring device is built into the net. It lets the angler land the fish, lift it, measure and release. There is never a need to touch the fish. After removing the hook, the fish is lowered to the water to swim away. 

Some of our favorite net choices are:

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