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Why RiverBum

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When I sit back and look at our industry, it is certainly saturated with a lot of players. There are some very respectable competitors in the market space, and some, not so much. So what makes RiverBum so different?


We have been in business for 13 years now, founded on a basic principal; offer great quality flies at a reasonable price. We buy direct from our world class manufacturer, the same manufactures several of the wholesalers buy from that other shops use. We source the best quality materials and hooks and our flies are as good as you’ll find in the market today.


Most orders ship within 24 hours. Nothing is more frustrating than buying an order of flies and have it backordered, only to show up a month after the hatch. Getting a shipment of PMD’s in September doesn’t do anyone any good, does it?


Because we don’t step through wholesale and buy direct, we can pass that savings onto you. A fly that costs $2.00 to $2.50 somewhere else, we're selling for $1.50. You get great value for your money when you choose RiverBum. Cost is also relevant to quality as well. There are a bunch of buck a fly guys out there (or less). These are typically sourced out of Kenya or China, and you get what you pay for. The hooks are of lower quality, as are the materials, and the craftmanship of their patterns. It is what it is and you get what you pay for.


We are a family ecentric, inclusive company. One of our goals it to invite more women and children from all walks of life and experience levels into the sport. You won’t find any bikini models promoting RiverBum. As a father of two young daughters, it's important to me that our brand is represented in a certain way.

We also target our writing and blog material to the beginner or intermediate fisherman. You won’t find any elitism here. Just the opposite. We want to invite everyone into the sport of all skill levels and all walks of life.

Pros and Ambassadors

Our folks use the product and give us great feedback and they are a pivotal cross section in the industry. We also do things a bit different than many companies. We advertise and have links to our pros websites that are guides. We don’t take a dime from them either. Guides are some of the hardest working folks out there, for not a lot of pay. They do it for the love of the sport and the clients.

Each one of them has their own coupon code as well. When you book with one of our guides, they will give you a coupon code good for a discount on our website. We feel this helps support the guides, their customers, ours, and is a more inviting approach to the sport.

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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