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Understanding the Mayfly Lifecycle


For our ancestors, fishing was a surviving skill. It was an easy way to add nutrition and protein to their diet. They were intelligent enough to understand how different fish behave and had an understanding of what these fishes fed on and how they fed on it. That is why mayfly has so much importance in fly fishing today. Mayflies are an important source of nutrition for trout. They love feeding on these flies whose lifespan lasts anywhere from few hours to not more than one whole day.

It is extremely important for fly fishing fans to know the lifecycle of mayfly and the different stages they achieve in their short lifespan. Once they understand these details and behavior of mayfly in each stage of its lifespan, they can easily imitate them by using artificial flies. For a beginner, it can be a difficult task, but through practice, you can become an expert at fly fishing.

To understand the mayfly lifecycle better, we have shared this easy to understand infographic on the mayfly lifecycle. This infographic from Barbless-Flies will help you understand all you need to know about mayfly lifecycle, and there are also pro-tips given for you which will help you in your future fly fishing endeavors. Happy fishing! 

Fly Fishing The Mayfly Lifecycle

Info graphic curtsey of barbless-flies.co.uk

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