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The Most Overlooked Aspect of a Destination Trip

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Tis the season….your inbox is blowing up with all these fantastic looking destination trips. How do you decide! So many trips, so little cash and so little precious time!

There's a lot of trips out there.  Sorting through them and narrowing down your choices is only half the battle.  The real challenge, is who you end up fishing with.

Travelling in a group to a destination can be fun and adventurous, but you never know who you’re going to get hooked up with. By and large I get along with almost anyone, but there’s been occasions where I’ve had a trip ruined by that one guy whether it’s blowing cigar smoke in your face, drunk all the time, or pontificating about the political issue of the day.

My suggestion, if you’re going to book a destination trip do one of two things. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to book out an outfitter with family and friends, generally 4-8 folks, then go that route. In most cases, that’s not always feasible.

In the absence of that, go hang out at your local fly shop. Talk to the owner and get to know the folks that may be interested in going on trip. Fish with them! In this sense, it’s almost like interviewing your prospective fishing partners. You get an idea of what they are like to fish with, what they are like personally, and if you actually want to spend a week with them on the water.

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