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​The Bounce Rig

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Need to get down deep? Swift water? You need to learn how to fish the Bounce Rig.

Oddly, it’s a two fly set up. Yeah, strange coming from me isn’t it? Hey, I’m a two fly kind of guy! 

Here’s what you do. 

You actually tie weight on to the end of your tippet. About 6” above that, tie on some tippet with a blood knot. Why a blood knot? Because it tends to have the tippet go 90 degrees out from the line. 

Tie on your heaviest nymph to it.

Next, about 6-12” above that….another piece of tippet tie on with a blood know and your lightest fly section.

Now you’ve got a set up where the weight should be hitting bottom, and two pieces of tippet with flies on them running parallel to the bottom of the river. This rig lets you get right to the bottom and places your flies just above. 

You bounce it along the river bottom.

I’ve found it most effective Czech style nymphing….though many folks still use an indicator.

One tip…..don’t do a lot of false casting. Just roll cast that baby out there. Save yourself the tangle frustration. 

Learn this rig, and you’ll be very successful, especially during high flow periods. 

I really haven’t found a set up more effective for these situaitons.

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