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​Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks - Bumper Bugs

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Going to a new area that you haven’t fished or even an old haunt just a different section of the river? Wash your vehicle before you get out on the water. 

That’s right. When you drive that river road, you’re going to get bugs splatting all over your newly cleaned car….and those bugs are the ones hatching! Give a good look at the carnage on your vehicle and you have a good idea what to tie on first.

Drunken Calf Path

Ever hear the story of how a drunken calf will crash through a meadow, woods and hills soon follow by man, soon to become a travel path, soon to become a road? 

Sometimes the road often travelled isn’t the best option. The turn outs on rivers rarely have anything to do with someone from your local DOT saying this is a hot spot for fish, I need a turn out here. 

Get off the beaten path. Go explore. Remember when you were a kid and go exploring in the woods looking for secret indian trails? Getting off the beaten path not only provides a sense of adventure, it can lead to more productive water, that has less fishing pressure…..Jack Pot

Get a little OCD in Your Life

Anyone that has gone fishing with me knows I have a bit of OCD. I have a huge gear bag filled with clear plastic boxes of flies all labelled up nicely. I own a fly company, so this might be a little extreme….OK maybe a lot extreme, but an organized fly box can be your friend.

I have a dry and wet fly box for each season. Why would I ever need hopper’s pre-run off? If you spend the time to pre-think what you’ll need it which part of the year, and stock various fly boxes according, you’ll find yourself making better fly selections on the water, have the flies you need when you need, and thus catch more fish.

Fish Whisperer

Be a fish whisperer. The fish will eventually tell you what to catch them on, if you listen. 

Far too many people pick their bugs way before they ever hit the water. The read on line fishing reports, look at hatch charts etc. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very necessary practice to NARROW down you fly selection, but you should never tie on a fly at the truck. 

Tie you fly on in the river. Observe what’s going on. Is there a hatch? Are the fish actively feed? Are you going to have to go with a nymph or other wet fly? The more you know about the current water conditions, temperature, insect activity, and observe what is going on around, the better your results.  

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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