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Dry Fly Fishing in the Fall

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Fall is here!  The chill in the air, the leaves are putting on their fall splendor, and the landscapes around our favorite rivers are downright stuffing.

If you’re like me, fall fishing is prime time for streamer fishing.  There’s nothing like chucking some meat.  However, if you’re looking for a bit of a change of pace, this time of year can offer some great dry fly fishing.

Blue Winged Olives make their presence known this time of year….although in a much smaller variety.  These aren’t your spring 14s and 16s.  Sorry folks, we are looking at 20s and smaller.  The good thing though for those of us that are visually impaired, this time of year offers some nice October caddis action as well.

Blue Winged Olive, Traditional Blue Winged Olive, Parachute, Dun PostBlue Winged Olive, Para Wulff

You all know I’m a two fly guy!  I’ll lead with an October caddis and trail with a BWO.  I also lighten up the gear too.  I’ll typically roll with my 4wt or even a 3wt if I’m fishing smaller creeks. Stealth tactics are critical in these situations.  The water is clear and the trout have gotten their PhDs in dry fly presentations.  We are talking about 6X and 7X here my fishy friends.

Fish closest to you first, and then work your way out.  If you run your like over a rise and spook him, you’re not going to get a second chance.  This time of year you are really going to have to concentrate and pay attention to the water and your surroundings.  Make sure you have cripples and emergers in your arsenal.  Trout can be sipping emergers just below the surface well before the hatch.   Fish Hard, Fish Often, Fish On!!!!

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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