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Caddis Fly Life Cycle Assortment - 30 Piece

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    An innovative new product from RiverBum, The Life Cycle Assortment.  Hand selected flies that represent all the stages of a specific insects life cycle.

    The Caddis fly Life Cycle Assortment provides you with hand selected range of patterns that represent every stage of the caddisfly life cycle. Caddis are one of the most common species found on North American rivers, and are a favorite forage item for trout.  Trout will actively key on these insects, often preferring them to other insects when they are prevalent in the watershed.

    This Kit contains every stage of the caddis life cycle: Nymph, Emerger, and Dun…no matter the stage of the hatch when you’re on the river, you’ll be prepared with some of our most productive flies we have to offer.  These flies are premium quality, tied on daiichi chemically sharpened hooks, professionally tied, using top quality materials.  All packed professional in one of our signature fly boxes.



    • 3 - Headlight Caddis, Tan, Size 18
    • 3 - Headlight Caddis, Green, Size 18
    • 3 - Mottled Caddis, Black, Size 14            
    • 3 - Sparkle Pupa Emerger, Brown, Size 18
    • 3 - Parachute Caddis, Emerger, Size 12
    • 3 - Flashback Caddis Pupa, Tan, Size 14
    • 3 - Hemingway Caddis, Size 12
    • 3 - Czech Nymph, Caddis, Amber/Olive, Size 16
    • 3 - Czech Nymph, Hares Ear, Size 14
    • 3 - Pulsating Caddis, Olive, Size 18
    • 1 - RiverBum Large 10 Compartment Fly Box

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