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Affiliate Program

About the Program

  • Earn up to 7% for each sale you send to us
  • 120 day cookie duration gives you four months for you to cash in on a referal
  • We carry the Best Brands in the Fly Fishing Industry such as Sage, Simms, Fishpond, Korkers, William Joseph, Ross Reels, and more.. which means more motivated buyers, better conversion, and bigger commissions. 

RiverBum.com offers affliate programs from two platforms, AvantLink and Shareasale. If you are a serious affiliate, we invite you to take a look at the new full featured program from AvantLink. If you are already a member or prefer to use Shareasale we certainly welcome you there as well.


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Terms of Service

Brand Representation

Publishers may not represent themselves as RiverBum.com, or as a dealer for any of the brands we carry. They must have a unique URL that does not contain RiverBum.com, trademarked brand names or any misspellings or variations of our name or trademarked names. Publishers may not serve any RiverBum.com products through their shopping cart.

Bidding on Pay Per Click Search Engines

Publishers may not bid on RiverBum.com, RiverBum,Inc or misspellings or variations of our company name. Publishers may not direct link to RiverBum.com domain or pages. Absolutely no direct linking to or framing of RiverBum.com websites - affiliate traffic must first land on the approved affiliate site. No use of our vendor trademarked names or variations in URLs. Ad copy may not portray any of our sites, as wholesale, cheap, discount, etc. Claims such as authorized dealer or official store can never be used in ad copy.

Promoting Sales Prices

RiverBum.com frequently has sales. Publishers may promote our sales, but must include the sale end date in all advertisements. Sale information must be removed as soon as that sale ends.

Publishers may not advertise our products as cheap, bargain, discounted, offer coupons or coupon codes.

Pop-Up, Pop-Under, Re-Directs and Software

Publishers may not use site re-directs, pop-ups or pop-unders that link to our site. We do not allow publishers to use customer downloaded programs of any type to promote RiverBum.com. Using software of any kind to promote RiverBum.com products is strictly prohibited.


Publishers may use RiverBum.com content (including but not limited to reviews, copy, and images) exclusively to promote RiverBum.com sites. Because our content is produced entirely in-house, Publishers may not utilize RiverBum.com content on any page that promotes any other company.


Because we are extremely cautious with our brand and the brands we represent we ask that publishers adhere closely to these requirements. We have a long-standing reputation of supporting our publishers, and are here to help our publishers achieve success. Please call upon us for any assistance. Our Affiliate Team may be contacted via email at support@riverbum.com.

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