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Go Sub Surface For Fishing Success

You know I’m a dry fly guy. But even a dry fly guy needs to go underwater from time to time. Truth be told, you will put far more fish to the net using a wet fly or nymph than you will a dry fly. Over 80% of a fish’s diet is eaten under water.Wet FlysPrince's, Hare’s [...]

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​Dry Flies for the Non Hatch

If you’re like me, you love a dry fly bite, there’s nothing like seeing the take on the surface. It’s pure adrenaline. However, early and late in the year, insect hatches aren’t exactly prolific. So what’s a dry fly guy to do?  Temperatures Above 55 Well, if the water temperature is above 55 degrees, you break out the dries! [...]

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​Bucket Mouths on the Fly

Many of us grew up gear fisherman going after bass. I know I did. Fly Fishing for bass takes bass fishing to a whole other level. Some say it is more difficult. There could be some truth to that. However, using a fly rod, you more delicate presentation in your favor, one [...]

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​Bluegill, The Gateway Drug

Which one of us doesn’t have fond memories of grabbing a spinning rod, bobber, hooks and some worms and hitting the ‘ole fishing hole? For many of us, that’s how we all got started. That little tug was the drug! Fly Fishing With Kids - Start With Bluegill A great way to get your kids started in the sport [...]

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Fly Boy Talks Hook & Fly Sizes

Catching fish is all about presentation and the offering. You’ve got to have the combination of the right fly fishing fly, the right hook size, and a good drift. “Fly” is a pretty general term. The term generates from the original flies were tied to represent….well flying insects. Nowadays though, there are tons of patterns representing everything from a [...]

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​Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks: The Fly First Cast

So much attention is given to casting distance when talking about fly fishing. Super stiff graphite rods, where a 5wt feels more like a 6wt or 7wt of years gone past. The truth is, casting distance is great for competition and showing off, but for your average trout angler, it’s really irrelevant. You want to be able [...]

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​March Brown Hatch

We are coming upon one of my favorite hatches of the year. Eastern March Browns are found from the Eastern United States to the Upper Midwest. Western March Browns populate rivers and streams from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains. The two species are unrelated, however they are very similar looking mayfly species.  March Brown from RiverBum.com Western [...]

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​Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks: Insect Life Cycles

To be an effective trout fisherman, it is necessary to know the life cycles of the aquatic insects in a trout’s diet.Trout are cold blooded. In kind, so is most of their forage aside from the odd mouse a big ole rainbow might take.  During the cold winter months, trout are quite inactive….as are the insects buried [...]

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​Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks: Water Requirements

There are volumes of books written on reading the water, and thousands upon thousands of illustrations. I really don’t think I need to cover that. However, what I don’t often see is a dialogue of the requirements of the water for the trout.  There are three basics needs from a trout’s perspective. 1. Water Temperature The first basic requirement is [...]

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​Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks: Rising Fish

Oh baby, when you see or hear a fish rise, an active feeder - the first thing you think is "Let’s go get ‘em!"   We immediately swing our fly to right where we see ‘em rise or to the ripple rings……nothing. We throw again…..nothing. We’ve all been there. Our first instinct when we see [...]

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