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Fly FIshing Tips for Late Fall

There's a chill in the air. Winter is almost here. Don't put away the fly rod just yet though. Some of the best fly fishing, uncrowded water, hungry fish, and natural beauty happens to be found out on the rivers in the fall. Look for tail waters with a water release from the bottom of the [...]

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Dry Fly Fishing in the Fall

Fall is here!  The chill in the air, the leaves are putting on their fall splendor, and the landscapes around our favorite rivers are downright stuffing.If you’re like me, fall fishing is prime time for streamer fishing.  There’s nothing like chucking some meat.  However, if you’re looking for a bit of a change of pace, this time of year can [...]

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Fall Fishing for Steelhead, Trout and Salmon

Finally, It’s October!  Fall is by far my favorite time of year.  Here in West Virginia the air is getting cooler, the leaves are turning color and falling from the trees and people are excited to be back in the woods looking for a big buck to hang on the wall.  Football is in full [...]

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Changing tactics during the mid-summer fishing season.

Here in Southeast Idaho the rivers get fished hard during the summer. Also the river water heats up, drops and clears, the hatches are strong and many - providing plenty of natural bugs for trout to feed on. During this time it gets darn hard to get fish to take a fly. Even the guides struggle getting their clients [...]

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Here Bully, Bully

Catching big bull trout is the cold water equivalent to catching big pike and musky. These fish are top predators. They are big, mean, and tough to catch. But when you do…..look out! Know Your Waters However, let me get something out of the way right off the top. There are some areas where fly fishing for bull [...]

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Alpine Lake Fly Fishing

It’s the dog days of summer, and it is hot. Many trout waters are on hoot owl restrictions and many others are getting close to that 70 degree mark. It’s time to lay off the typical fly fishing streams and go on an adventure. Alpine lake fly fishing can be an adventure in and of itself. [...]

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The Virginia Shad Dog

A good friend of mine from Virginia, Tabb Williams, turned me on to shad fly fishing. Tabb is so into shad fishing that he nicknames his dog “Shad Dog” and had a sticker made up for his boat. Shad are anadromous members of the Herring family. They enter fresh water in the spring to spawn. [...]

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Musky Love

Catching a Musky on the fly is on the bucket list of many a fly fisherman. These top predators are a tremendous challenge not only to hook, but to land. It takes serious drive and determination to catch these fish, they are named the fish of 10,000 casts for a very good reason. A common misconception is that [...]

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Be a Dull Fly Fisherman

We all love some flash in our fly streamers, sometimes the more the merrier. I am especially guilty of this when it comes to off-colored water. It’s already the middle of August my fishy friends - and that means slow, gin-clear water.Flash in your streamer can actually spook fish in these scenarios. Spring creek…..forget about it. [...]

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Rockin the Redfish

Fly fishing for redfish is becoming more popular by the day. Redfish are commonly found in flats, marsh, backwater creeks and all variety of shallow water habitat. This makes them a perfect target for fly fishing…..and sight fishing in particular. Stealth is Key Redfish have a great sense of smell and hearing. Their sight, however, is something substantially [...]

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