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Southern Missouri Fishing Report

Southern Missouri had a lot of flooding early in the year. The banks on Current were easier walking without it being as thick and as many thorns to tear holes in your waders. Much more convenient getting to certain stretches of the water. The waters have been clear as usual but we had a couple [...]

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Giving Back by Going Fly Fishing

Frustration, anger, ridicule, watching eyes. These are things that you and I may or may not deal with every day, but to a child with Autism it can be sadly the norm. Now mind you, I am no expert nor a doctor but after working many years with adolescence living with this disorder I’ve seen firsthand all of the [...]

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​Introduction to Fly Fishing: Reading The Rise

I see it all the time. Fisherman hustling down to the water and feverishly casting every which where to fish rising. That’s a guaranteed way to catch less fish.To become a skilled fisherman, you must be able to read the water and the environment around you. You also have to know what the fish are eating. They [...]

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The most important rule of fly fishing

The most important rule of fly fishing…….make it home. Period.I learned this hard lesson several years ago. We all want to go for and catch that special fish. I get it. But no fish is worth your life. While fly fishing we can find ourselves in some precarious situations. Mine was [...]

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Casting Tip

I think the largest mistake a beginner makes fly casting is breaking their wrists.  Rod hitting structure behind you, snapping off a few flies, rod making some horrific noises?  These are all signs you are breaking your wrist too much.You arm is the piston that drives the rod and generates the power.  Your wrist simply [...]

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Northwest River Reports

The fishing this spring has been epic. If you haven’t gotten out there yet, you are missing out. We’ve had some fantastic weather, the rivers are in great shape, get out there!!!The hatches have been frequent and prolific. Yesterday we say PMDs, BWO’s, Yellow Stones, Black Caddis, and Gray Drakes. The most consistent bug was [...]

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Intro to Fly Fishing: Catching the Tree Trout

We’ve gone through a number of different items with our Intro to Fly Fishing series - from the single haul, to the gear, and more.  We are almost ready to hit the water.  But first, we must catch the not very elusive and ubiquitous tree trout…. Catching a Tree Trout This is what I want you to [...]

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Surf and Turf

Unlocking the mysteries of the ever changing surf can be a life long journey. In fact, that’s why many of us chase fish on the fly in the ocean.  Year over year, lakes don’t change in dramatic fashion like the surf does. One year your hot spot produces constantly, the next…..nothing. Attention to Structure The cool thing about surf fly [...]

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Fishless Friday

The weather is beautiful, 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. The river is on the drop, the watershed is opening up……it going to be a big day, and I can just feel it!I head up river, way up river. The entire river looks fantastic. It takes a while, but it’s going [...]

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Fly Fishing Tippet Tip

A few years ago I had a tippet problem that cost me a 10 inch fish. I know, so what, a ten inch stocked rainbow is nothing to cry about. The problem - this little pellet head I lost just happened to be the only fish I had hooked in a 3 hour session with [...]

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