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The Heat Is On

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Why do I hear Glenn Fry in my head right now? I guess I'm showing my age a bit too! Well, we are in full summer swing, and that means water temperatures are on the rise. 

At RiverBum, we care about the conservation of wild and native trout, and frankly all species. As a general rule of thumb, the kill rates of trout released after being caught in water temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit sky rocket. Here are a few ideas to still get your fish on when temperatures rise.

1.Take a kid fishing. 

This usually entails warm water fishing. Fish for warm water species like bass, sunfish, or crappie. There's nothing better than getting a child outdoors, enjoying nature, teaching them conservation, and getting them away from all those electronics. You'll be glad you did.

2.Grab a streamer rod 

Fish for other warm water species like pike, bass, and catfish.Yes, catfish. I've caught a ton of catfish on a streamer, it's really a ton of fun. You'll need to go subsurface near the bottom, but they'll take clousers, zonkers, buggers etc.  Warm water is not as harmful to these species as it is their natural habitat. 

There are exceptions to every rule. I'm not sure I'd be fishing for anything in 90 degree water, but I think you get the point. Many rivers near me are in the upper 70's. Great for targeting smallmouth.

3.Try saltwater fly fishing

I grew up in Massachusetts and trust me, the ocean NEVER gets warm in the northeast. Even so, saltwater species are exceptionally well adapted. Ever catch a striper on the fly? It's an experience like no other. Many saltwater fish, especially the incredibly cool Roosterfish, are best caught in the mid-summer.

4. Do some homework. 

If trout is your main game, target tail waters. Tailwaters are rivers below bottom released dams. The water is always cool.

5. Target alpine lakes. 

The hike gives you a great workout, they are in beautiful places, and the fish tend to be voracious.

That's it for now my fishy friends....until next time

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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