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Surf Fishing

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Surf fishing can be downright intimidating to many. Wading a long stretch of surf on a deserted beach can be just as tranquil and rewarding as fishing pocket water in the Rockies for trout. Surf fishing is not easy, especially with a fly rod. Ask any bait fisherman.

I’ve targeted stripers and blues on the east coast before. When you see birds working and water boiling, you get chills down your spine. Surf Perch are an often target species out west. To the south, you have Jack, roosterfish, and even yellowtail. The species is highly dependent on the waters you fish…..not too many tarpon off the shores of Washington State. As such, your gear, your flies, and your approach needs to modified and tailored to your specific situation.

This is going to be my next area of focus. Fly fishing is a lifelong journey. Next up on my list is to become skilled on the surf, starting with eastern waters and moving my way south.  RiverBum of course has a wonderful line up of Saltwater Flies for every situation and species.

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