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Slow Days

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The moon phases aren’t right, the weather isn’t great, you’ve upset the fly fishing gods……slow days happen to all of us, and it’s inevitable. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Slow down! Take a very disciplined approach to your fishing. Slow down, focus, and be sure to cover the water inside to out. Often times, a fly drifting right in front of a fishes nose is too easy to pass up.
  • Speed up! I just said slow down, what’s up with this? Don’t over commit to one spot. I know you’ve caught fish in your favorite spot before….I’m sure others have too. If you’ve fished it methodically, more on. The more spots you fish the higher the likelihood of finding a few feeding fish.
  • Go Deep! Put the dry flies away for now. When fish aren’t active, most likely they are on the bottom. This is long leader time, bounce ‘em off the bottom.
  • Try a new technique: Utilize Czech, Polish, French, or other Euro-nymphing techniques. These techniques were developed for competition fishing and they excel because they allow you to fish slowly, cover water methodically, fish deep, and maybe most importantly, they help you to hook more of the fish that strike. On slow days you can't afford to waste your chances.

I’ve had slow days before, but I’m certainly not going to let myself get skunked either. Until next time my fishy friends…..

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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