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​Finding Time to Fish

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We are all busy, very busy. I’m a husband, father of two very active daughters, an executive in my professional work, own this very wonderful small business, and in my “spare” time I do a bit of pro bono business consulting and charity work. Finding time to fish can be a challenge. Here’s a couple of things I have worked out to get some water therapy.


Fish on Family Vacations 

One of our family things is to RV at national parks….an explore our wonderful country and history type of thing. I always pack rods and I always do a little research on where we will be going and get a couple of evening hatch sessions in with the kids.


Fish on Business Trips 

I am well past the point in life where I actually want to spend a night in a bar on a business trip. That’s been in the rear view mirror for years. I visit some of the same places fairly routinely. I pack my rod, a lanyard, and a choice selection of bugs.


Fish at Lunch

I used to spend most lunch breaks on the water. Of course you need water near work, but chances are it’s there somewhere in some form. If you need more time go in an hour early or stay late and take an extra hour at lunch.

Fish in the Evening 

Pick three waters near you if you can. Hit them hard and hit them often. This will help you learn the waters, understand the fish, and help maximize your time on the water.


Fish for Work.

See if you can commercialize your favorite sport. You don’t have to own a business or be a guide. Many companies look for pros and ambassadors, I know we do. These folks get discounts on all types of products. Guest blog for sites. We love our guest bloggers, they too get great deals. 

Get into photography or videography. There’s a ton of ways either to make a little money at this sport or save some money. Just make sure you have reasonable expectations. The only way most folks are going to get a million out of fly fishing is to start with a billion!

That said, if you can make and/or save a bit of money at the sport, you’re going to be even more motivated to get out there!

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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