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About RiverBum. One year later...

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Well, this has been a very good year for RiverBum! A year ago this week, my business partner Rick Piezonka and I bought this business. We were out of stock on everything and things didn't look good for RiverBum. But that has all changed.

I'm happy to say we haven't had a month where we didn't sell product. RiverBum hasn't grown to the point where Rick and I can give up our day jobs, but it is doing quite well.

First focus was on flies. It's our roots. RiverBum buys direct from the best manufacturer in the industry. Our quality is so good, it kicks Orvis and Cabelas in the rear.....as well as Umpqua, Montana Fly, and the rest. Our flies will scratch the business out of your fingernail and fall upright every time!

What a great start! RiverBum has added about $100,000 in fly inventory and growing. Going forward, the focus is to open up our offering even more, pushing into the salt water and musky categories. We've partnered with Allison Keeble for our salt series and will be coming out with a even more great offerings in the coming months.

RiverBum has also established a great relationship with Eric Beebe of Catch Fly Fishing. Eric is a fantastic wholesaler with awesome professional tiers. 

What's coming next? Look for RiverBum to partner with brick and mortar fly shops. Our expertise is online and we're looking to bring more products from brick and mortar fly shops into store for you. 

We've got some exciting times ahead. Its been a great year. 

Thank you all for your continued support!

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags,

Dave Jolie

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Consistent Floating Flies

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