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C​onquering Refusals

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How frustrating. You make a great cast, get a good drift, a beautiful fish comes up……and it gives you the middle fin and turns away. After you’ve finished cursing like a sailor, here’s a couple of tips to try out…

As the year progresses, fish get more educated, particularly on tippet. Go lighter on your tippet than you normally do. I’m actually a huge advocate of fluorocarbon. It’s stealthier, tough as nails, and lasts longer.

Change you angle of presentation. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting a different results. In a situation where fish are actively feeding on dries, I’ll get out of the water, quietly move upstream, and go with a fly first presentation. Similar logic to lightening up your leader, but in this case, the fly is what the fish sees first, so the leader is less of an issue.

Try a different fly….duh right? Think a little differently here. The fish may not be feeding on adults. Sometimes rising fish aren't eating adult insects, they are eating emergers…..try a humpback emergerRS2, or other similar emerger pattern under the surface. One thing always do is downsize my fly. For some reason, this always seems more effective than upsizing.

Take a break. Yup, give it a few minutes. Hydrate up. Relax and then get back in there. I haven’t caught too many fish trying to beat them into submission. Sometimes all it takes is to give it a bit of a rest, think about what you want to throw, and patiently go about your presentation.

That’s if for now my fishy friends, until next time…..

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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King Salmon on the FLY in Alaska!

Great year for fishing king salmon in Alaska once again. Every year calls for different river conditions, this year the water stayed low with no big rains to raise or muddy the water. We fished more with our fly rod this year than in past years. These are some of the things that stuck out has we tried to [...]

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Eat the Worm

I have the opportunity to travel the world in my professional career. Typically work is work. You’re putting in 10-12 hour days, you’re running and gunning, taking out customers, suppliers, staff or whatnot. There’s very little time to experience where you’re at. This is why whenever I’m someplace new, particularly a new country, I like to eat local. I’ve [...]

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The Heat Is On

Why do I hear Glenn Fry in my head right now? I guess I'm showing my age a bit too! Well, we are in full summer swing, and that means water temperatures are on the rise. At RiverBum, we care about the conservation of wild and native trout, and frankly all species. [...]

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Slow Days

The moon phases aren’t right, the weather isn’t great, you’ve upset the fly fishing gods……slow days happen to all of us, and it’s inevitable. Here are some tips to help you out.Slow down! Take a very disciplined approach to your fishing. Slow down, focus, and be sure to cover the water inside to out. Often times, a fly [...]

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Wading Techniques For a Safer Outing

I recently saw a picture of one of our RiverBum pros Maddie Filomeo in a pickle why wading across some pretty swift flows. Now, Maddie’s a Pro and everything ended up fine. But not everyone is a Pro and has the experience she does. It reminded me of a time when I first started wading and almost [...]

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​Mastering the Caddis Hatch

Be the Caddis Hatch MasterThere’s far more to catching trout on caddis than the old standby Elk Hair Caddis. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve caught thousands of fish on this bug. But I’ve also caught thousands more on other patterns. The river was in great shape the other day, and the fly fishing gods blessed us [...]

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Montana Bounty - Fly Fishing a Double Nymph Rig

I’ve been doing a lot more nymphing lately. There’s a couple reasons, I want to improve my skills, you certainly catch more fish with is a decided plus when I take my 12 year old daughter Madison with me, and it doesn’t seem to get the love that other methods do. When I was in Montana fishing with Jim [...]

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Raising Them Right - Fishing with Kids

I was raised with a healthy respect for the importance of family and the outdoors.  I was told it was a very important part in life to get married and have kids to pass on the legacy. Well for me, having a passion for the outdoors and fishing, it made perfect sense to combine the two. [...]

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Streamer Fly Fishing Basics

One of my goals last year was to fish more with a streamer. Fly fishing with streamers is a great way to increase your chances of landing a large trout. If you think about it, it sure make sense that a large trout is going to each large forage.  Small bugs can catch large fish, no doubt about that. [...]

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