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​The Importance of Fly Quality

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At RiverBum, we have a passion for serving the market with the best quality flies in the industry. We have sampled product from at least 50 factories globally, probably more. There’s no shortage of the cheap guys, you really do get what you pay for when you purchase flies. On the other hand, you’d be amazed how painfully few good quality tiers there are out there. 

So why is fly quality so important, why do we place such an emphasis on it? The answer is quite simple when you think about it. You’re trying to get the fish to take your fly, which is the plain and simple objective. You’re goal as a fisherman is to fool the fish into thinking that your fly is natural forage. I get a chuckle sometimes when folks spend hundreds, if not thousands, on rods, reels, boots, waters, vests etc……and then buy the cheapest fly you can imagine.

That $1,000 fly rod is not going to do you a lick of good if you don’t have a tug on the other end. There are many factors that lead to fly fishing success; however, the most important one is always the fly and its presentation. The fly needs to land well on the water, drift well, and fish well. If it’s subsurface, it needs natural action. The fly needs to look enticing to the fish. What good is a cheap fly that falls apart after a fish or two? All you’ll have is an exercise in frustration tying on fly after fly and missing the hatch while Mr. Cheapo fly comes unraveled.

Simply, if you don’t have good quality flies, good leader, good tippet, and a good presentation, you are not going to catch nearly as many fish as you otherwise could. That is why we focus so much on fly quality. It all starts with the fly. Plain and simple.

We buy from the best factory there is. They are fully audited and reputable. You will find nothing from us tied with child labor, stolen out the back door, or made with inferior hooks and materials. If you want that, there’s plenty of discount guys to buy from. They sell a lot of flies. That’s their business. That’s just not RiverBum and that’s not what we are all about. We insure that we are a responsible retailer. We offer world class quality, fair prices, and great service. That’s the RiverBum way.

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