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Expanding the RiverBum Community

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Brotherhood of the Bend

Opening the sport of fly fishing to all is one of our greatest passions at RiverBum. We want women, kids, and fly fishers of all skill levels to get out there on the water and enjoy the relaxing and exciting sport of fly fishing. Starting with a pro and ambassador staff that give us insights to the fishing reports and trends all over the world. 

We continually get updates on where the best fishing is during any given time of the year, which parts of the country are best if you’re bringing the family, and where to go if you want to get away from absolutely everyone else. Our goal is to help get you on the water to enjoy this great sport.

We are also committed to offering a wide range of price points. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need the most expensive rod we offer. If you’re a pro, we offer the very best gear to suit what fishing need you have. Everything we do is focused on bringing people to the outdoors and the sport of fly fishing.

With all of this, you have to imagine it takes more than our staff in Spokane, Washington. We’ve not only invited in pros and ambassadors all over the world, but friends and fellow fly fishing enthusiasts. 

To that end, we want you to meet Brotherhood Of The Bend. The BrotherHood’s mission is to bring knowledge and enthusiasm to the sport of fly fishing. Jared and Rich spend every free moment fishing and blogging, and are committed to partnering only with companies that have exceptional ethical standards, that are passionate about bringing the sport to all, and to improve people’s quality of life through the sport we all love.


Brotherhood Of the Bend and RiverBum will be working together to bring more content to the market, more product reviews, and more about the sport. They bring over 30 years of experience to the table…that’s a lot of fish! We’ve asked BOTB to fairly evaluate all of products and provide feedback. We know they’ll give us fair and honest evaluations and we’ve asked them to share that with you, our customers. They are not paid to endorse our product. We do this so you can make the best decisions about which fly fishing products to purchase, and ultimately so you can spend less time online and more time on the water.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be welcoming Brotherhood Of The Bend to the RiverBum family.


As always….


Tight Lines and Screaming Drags


Intro to Fly Fishing: Casting with the Overhead Cast

Let's start with the statement of the obvious. Casting is one of the single most important elements of fly fishing. Second, don’t try to learn to cast on the water. That’s right. It’s the worst place to try to learn how to cast. Rig up your rod, leader included, [...]

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All-Weather Covert Clear

Monic originally patented the clear floating fly line in 1994. Why a clear floating line? Why where camouflage when you’re hunting? While it remains true the fish can detect the line, it is also true they can detect to a lesser extent than colored lines, especially, well, hunter orange for instance.With the addition to Steve Tatarchuck to the [...]

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Last night we had our annual Daddy-Daughter dance at my girl’s school. Each year, all the dads and daughters dress up and go to the big Valentine’s Day dance. This is a great event, it really is. All the proceeds go to charitable organizations, I have a great time with my two daughters Madison and [...]

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Kayak Fly Fishing

Kayaking and fly fishing can be a beautiful marriage. They complement each other in so many ways. Fly fishing for example, you must be extremely stealthy and you have to use most of your senses. Eyes, to engulf your surroundings and zero in on your target. Mind, to evaluate the wind, speed, and direction for the perfect cast. Then [...]

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Grizzly Adams

When I was a kid, Grizzly Adams was one of my favorite TV shows. I dreamed of hiking way up in the Rockies and Alpine fishing for enormous trout. I had visions of high mountains, picturesque sunrises and misty lakes and rivers teeming with huge fish.Well, now that I've been around in the alpine back country, I've discovered [...]

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Winter Fly Fishing Tips

Winter is among the toughest times of year to catch trout in streams. Water temperatures are cold and a trout’s metabolism is slow. Even though a fish doesn’t need to feed as much in cold weather, they will eat if given a chance.Fly fishing in the winter is different than spring, summer, and fall. Nymphing skills are more important [...]

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Sink Tip Lines

The Sink Tip LineIf you like to streamer fish, and you fish moving water, it is best to have some sort of sink-tip line with you. The quality of these lines improves greatly every year. I keep one rod rigged up with sink tip, and one with sinking line.Sink Tips cast easier. When fishing tips, there [...]

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Why We Love Monic Fly Lines

Monic fly lines perform in ALL TEMPERATURES.  If you're fishing in the heat of the summer, or the cold of winter, they simply perform.  They are made of 100% PVC Free and are made of eco-friendly materials. Their floating lines achieve the highest buoyancy available by starting with materials that are lighter than water and [...]

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Intro to Fly Fishing: Why I fly fish

I often get asked how I got into fly fishing, and why fly fishing over conventional fishing. One of RiverBum’s goals is to open the sport of fly fishing and make it accessible to all. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write a series on how I got into [...]

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