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Fat Guys Float

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What a fantastic day I had this weekend in the Richmond, Virginia area. I went to visit my old friend Tabb Williams. Tabb and I worked at the same company together for about 15 years. The corporate headquarters for that company is in Spokane, WA where I used to live up until 9 months ago. Every time Tabb had to come to corporate, we’d be hitting some trout stream together….the Coeur d’Alene, St. Joe, Clearwater…didn’t matter.  

He would also swap out my water with a beer.  I'm innocent I tell ya. Unbeknownst to me, instead of drinking water all day, I was drinking beers.....and somehow end up in the water.....well not this time....enter the kayak.

Since I moved back east, we’ve been planning a trip. This weekend was it, and what a blast. Friday and Sunday we fish some of his local bass ponds and panfish haunts in kayaks. I hadn’t kayak fished before. As I eased my 6’4” 250lb frame into the boat, I swear I heard it curing me!

I got the hand of it pretty quickly. Bass on the fly is about what you’d expect and I’ve written about several times. One of the cool parts of the trip was catching bluegill on small poppers. You didn’t even have to see the take, you could hear it. Almost every hit, you’d hear this small pop and gulp….pretty cool stuff.

On Saturday, we did some striper fishing on the James River. Our approach was interesting. We’d jig for the stripers with spinning gear. Once we located the school, we’d throw the fly. Stripers on the fly is something else, it’s fly fishing on a whole other level. The wonderful thing about this watershed, you never know what you’re going to have on the other end of the line. In addition to striper, we caught catfish, carp, and shad on the fly. What a great trip, stripers, catfish, panfish, carp and bass all in the same trip! Below are some of the flies we used….until next time my fishy friends……

Tight Lines and Screaming Drags

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Bee the Beetle

One often overlooked category of flies are the terrestrials, especially beetles and ants. Most of the time you don't see them on the banks or in the stream-side vegetation in great numbers so you don't really think about using beetle and ant patterns.Trout, however, are almost certain to know what they are. Many times when things have been slow I've tied [...]

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The Magic of Marabou

The fly bounced across the riverbed. It slipped and slither through the water. The angler, current, and the fly itself brought it to life, so much so, that a 3lb smallie threw caution to the wind and inhaled the fly!It’s adrenaline pumping moments like these that have made me so fond of Marabou Flies. Marabou feathers originally [...]

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Hot High Water Flies

With warmer Spring and early Summer weather comes high water in many rivers and streams. This definitely presents a challenge, but that by no means should inhibit you from getting a line wet! Here are a few of my favorites and some techniques for fishing them in high water:Tungsten Bead Hot Wired Prince Nymph - [...]

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​Wild Trout vs. Hatchery Trout

I moved from Washington State to Pennsylvania not too long ago. The differences between the two states is striking when it comes to trout fishing. Pennsylvania stocks a lot of trout.  So, why not a bit of a chat on the differences between stockies and natives?The discussion of the differences between hatchery and wild trout is [...]

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Fly Fishing for Water Wolves

When I was about 5 years old, I pulled a huge Northern Pike out through the ice and screamed to my dad that I caught an alligator….or so the family story goes. The point here is, Pike are not for the faint of heart, this isn’t your alpine trout fishing trip. Big one can measure in at [...]

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Bass Fly Fishing for the Beginner

Most of us that have bass fished started off using conventional gear.....as in spinning rods and bait casters. However, fly fishing for bass has some key advantages over conventional gear.  Advantages to Fly Fishing for Bass The biggest advantage is that you are in constant contact with the line. Any subtle take, you're going to [...]

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​Fly Fishing and Fantasy Football

So, I took up playing fantasy football 5 seasons ago. I’ve been to the playoffs four out of five years and have won it all twice. Not too bad I think, especially since others have been doing it 15 years and only won once.So what’s the secret to my success?  I would have to say, adaptation. [...]

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Top Trout Flies

The question I’m often asked is what are the top trout flies?  At RiverBum, we have over 3,500 fly patterns. That’s a lot for sure. But wherever in the US you fish for trout, these trout flies are must haves for any flybox. 1. Adams It’s no secret I’m a dry fly fisher. It’s also no secret [...]

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Go Sub Surface For Fishing Success

You know I’m a dry fly guy. But even a dry fly guy needs to go underwater from time to time. Truth be told, you will put far more fish to the net using a wet fly or nymph than you will a dry fly. Over 80% of a fish’s diet is eaten under water.Wet FlysPrince's, Hare’s [...]

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