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Rubber Sole Boot Kit

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    The Rock Treads Rubber Sole Boot Kit is an Aluminum Traction Kit that allows you to have the greatest wading traction you have ever experienced on ANY boot or shoe you choose!  Aluminum Traction works for any environment where you are walking on wet rocky environments.  Originated for Fly Fishing in mind, Rock Treads work on all sorts of surfaces where people need good traction.  Aluminum molds to the rocky surface with each step made, providing unreal traction on a microscopic level even.  

     In The Kit:

    • 6 Small Rock Treads Discs
    • 8 Medium Rock Treads Discs
    • 8 Large Rock Tread Discs
    • 24 Lock Down Nuts
    • 2 Setting Screws (2")
    • 1 Lock Down Install Drill bit (1/4")
    • 1 Tube of USA Made Red Thread
    • 16 "Toe" Screws (3/4") for use in the Toe Box area of the boot. (Most commonly used in Patagonia or Reddington Boots)
    • 16 "Toe" Screws (1") for use in the Toe Box area of the boot. (Most commonly used in Orvis or Chota Boots)
    • 16 "Toe" Screws (1 1/4") for use in the Toe & heel area of the boot. (Most commonly used in SIMMS Boots)
    • 10 "Heel" Screws (1 1/2") for use in the Heel area of the boot. (Fits Most Boots boots matter the brand)
    • 10 "Heel" Screws (1 3/4") for use in the Heel area of the boot. (Most commonly use in SIMMS Boots)

    Rock Treads are ideal for fly fishing, spelunking, mining, stream restoration, fishing from banks of rivers and lakes, environmental engineering- ANYWHERE you are wading at some point and are concerned about traction. 

    Note: Aluminum is not good on perfectly smooth surfaces like ice or polished flooring, but neither is any other stud application.  Any stud made of tungsten carbide or a hardened metal is actually harder than the rock, making your boot slicker than before!  The smooth round shape prevents punctures or scratches on most surfaces.  The custom triangle shaped post screw prevents it from wanting to back out, while allowing the Rock Tread disc to spin on the screw post itself.

    This product is 100% made and crafted in the USA and US Patent Pending.



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