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Fishing Hook Sizes + Fly Sizes

One of the more confusing things about learning to fly fish are hook sizes and fly sizes. Like tippet and leader material sizes, fly fishing hook sizes are based on a bit of an antiquated system that doesn't make a lot of sense to us these days.  Here are a few basic things to think about [...]

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​High Water Fishing

Just got a foot of snow here in Pennsylvania……. but that rodent promised spring would be right around the corner. Personally, I don’t even believe a meteorologist when it comes to predicting the weather…. but that’s another story. The calendar says spring will be here. I can’t wait. For many regions of the country, that means snow [...]

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PA Trout Opener

In PA we are getting ready for our Trout Season opener on March 31st (Regional) and State wide on April 14th. Some Anglers have been dormant all winter long. Either tying, resting or just sitting on the couch watching TV. For those of us anxiously waiting, I have a few tips for getting your line ready. The last thing [...]

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​Don’t Match That Hatch!

What? Isn’t matching the hatch and presenting with a drag free drift the most prolific method to catch trout? Why yes, yes, it is. I would garner to say it has probably caught more trout than any other method. So, what am I talking about?  I'm talking about when there is no hatch, or you don't see [...]

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Why You Need a Landing Net

There are mаnу tуреѕ оf gear аѕѕосіаtеd with fly fishing. Landing nets are a staple for nearly every angler because netting the fish makes landing a quicker process for the angler and the fish. If you just use the reel and rod to land the fish, you risk not only losing the fish, but can harm it in the process [...]

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The Traveling Fisherman

RiverBum Pro Will Ricks talks about his favorite fly fishing tips when fishing new waters out of your local area.

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The Sweet Salt

When thinking of fly fishing, most anglers and non-anglers alike often envision a windy mountainous stream or river with gin-clear water gently flowing alongside stretches of river rock cobble bars and lush green trees. The seclusion, the invigorating sound of the water in the riffle, the sometimes deafening singing of cicadas and the hunt [...]

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Winter Fly Fishing Tips and 6 Favorite Winter Nymphs

With cold winter water the fish tend to hug the bottom of the deeper pools, drop-offs and slower tail outs.  This time of the year you need to get your bugs on the bottom and in front of the fish (low and slow) they can be lethargic in the cold water and will not move far or fast to [...]

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​Bass On The Fly

It’s all about the bass, about the bass, about the bass….no treble!So, it should be perfectly obvious that I let my children play Kidz Bop in the car way too often and my mind is shot! I’m positive my wife would confirm I should probably be in a padded room. That all being said, I think [...]

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Winter Midge Fishing

Midges hatch year round, but are especially effective in the cold winter months. Why? Pretty simple really. The lack of hatches going on at this time. Trout will hone in and cue on midges. They love them. Bottom release tailwaters are famous for their midge fishing. The cool water from the bottom [...]

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