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Fly Fishing Slough Creek Yellowstone Park

RiverBum Pro Capt. Jimmy Daniels provides some tips and tricks for fly fishing Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park. Capt Jim talks about the type of hatches that come off the river, and what kind of patterns work best during the different times of the day.~~~~Tight Lines.... Capt. Jimmy Daniels

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Kayak Fishing

When it comes to “kayak” fly fishing, the first obstacle might be learning to cast sitting down in a tight space. So, if you are just getting into fly fishing out of a kayak, I would say “less is more”. Bring the least amount of gear possible, like your rod/reel, a box of flies, and maybe a net. The [...]

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Fly Fishing with RiverBum Pro Capt. Jimmy Daniels

RiverBum Pro Capt Jimmy introduces our newest video blog series. Capt Jimmy will be talking all things fly fishing, from where to go to what to use all, including fly fishing tips and tactics from different locations across the country.

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​Stop…..It’s Hopper Time!

The hoppers are out, the hoppers are out!  I love catching fish on the hopper. Big fish, aggressive takes! What better way to double it up? Any one that has ever fished with me knows I’m a two-fly guy and like to talk about fishing two flies, and love fishing with two flies. [...]

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High N Dry Product Review

As a guide we often times use what we can afford. It's no secret that we get a small discount at our local shop for flies and other gear. However, it's usually not much more than you can get during the annual Labor Day sale or end of summer sale you can catch each September without the guides [...]

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It's Streamer Time!

The greased line method of streamer fishing has to be one of the most overlooked methods for streamer fishing for trout. Originally developed in Europe, the technique was developed to present a fly broadside for Atlantic Salmon.The fisherman back in the day would grease sinking line to give it buoyancy. Floating lines were not even a thing [...]

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Where Trout Feed: The Soft Water

Previously we discussed primary feeding lanes and a bit of trout behavior. The fact is, there’s trout all over the river, the key is just finding them. While it is true that trout, and big trout, will gravitate to the primary feeding lanes, there plenty of other choices as well.Each year in the spring, winter snow melts [...]

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Where Trout Feed: Identify the Feeding Lanes

There’s no fish in this river! Ever say that one before. Who has said that one before, I know I have. It’s often been said that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the river. I’m not so sure about the complete accuracy of this one but know where fish feed can be the [...]

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Understanding the Mayfly Lifecycle

For our ancestors, fishing was a surviving skill. It was an easy way to add nutrition and protein to their diet. They were intelligent enough to understand how different fish behave and had an understanding of what these fishes fed on and how they fed on it. That is why mayfly has so much importance [...]

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Nymph Fishing: The Hopper-Dropper Technique

Whether called the Dry-Dropper, Hopper-Dropper, or the double lindy, this method of fishing was popularized in the west but is now deployed all over the world. The basic premise is that your strike indicator is a big bushy dry fly…an indicator with a hook. It does not have to be a hopper as the name might imply. [...]

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