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Where Trout Feed: The Soft Water

Previously we discussed primary feeding lanes and a bit of trout behavior. The fact is, there’s trout all over the river, the key is just finding them. While it is true that trout, and big trout, will gravitate to the primary feeding lanes, there plenty of other choices as well.Each year in the spring, winter snow melts [...]

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Where Trout Feed: Identify the Feeding Lanes

There’s no fish in this river! Ever say that one before. Who has said that one before, I know I have. It’s often been said that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the river. I’m not so sure about the complete accuracy of this one but know where fish feed can be the [...]

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Understanding the Mayfly Lifecycle

For our ancestors, fishing was a surviving skill. It was an easy way to add nutrition and protein to their diet. They were intelligent enough to understand how different fish behave and had an understanding of what these fishes fed on and how they fed on it. That is why mayfly has so much importance [...]

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Nymph Fishing: The Hopper-Dropper Technique

Whether called the Dry-Dropper, Hopper-Dropper, or the double lindy, this method of fishing was popularized in the west but is now deployed all over the world. The basic premise is that your strike indicator is a big bushy dry fly…an indicator with a hook. It does not have to be a hopper as the name might imply. [...]

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Nymph Fishing: Part 3

When nymph fishing, you want your presentation as long on the bottom as possible. An often-overlooked critical aspect to this is actually the cast you are deploying. If you are trying to deploy the traditional overhead cast, you’re probably struggling. Tight line casting simply reduces the amount of time for the fly to be in the [...]

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​Nymph Fishing: Part 2

If you want to catch fish feeding at or near the bottom, you’ve got to get your fly on the bottom. Pretty much the statement of the obvious there. Now comes the tricky part, how long of a leader length do I need if say the stretch I’m fishing is 6 feet deep.Well, unless you’re fishing [...]

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Nymph Fishing: Part 1

Since I’ve moved back east, I’ve done far more nymph fishing that I had ever done. When I lived out west and fished the inland Northwest and Rockies, I was a huge dry fly guy. While there certainly are plenty of dry fly opportunities, nymph fishing dominates.In dry fly fishing, you can see your fly, you can [...]

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! It's Dry Fly Fishing Time

Here in Michigan the winter held on a little too long for most of our patience to bare, but as a fly fisherman it sometimes is even more of a burden. Now don't get me wrong, I love hitting the rivers in the winter and throwing streamers for Trout and we do well but cold [...]

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High Sticking.....Dry Flies

You read that right….high sticking DRY flies. High sticking is a very common technique for nymph fishing, but often not even considered on a dry fly.A few years back I was on a long weekend trip to Kelly Creek in late August with my business partner Rick. Kelly Creek is a hidden gem in North Idaho. [...]

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High and Dry: Insist on Performance

High N DryIf you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, better performing floatant, look no further than High N Dry. The HnD team has come up with the most innovative product line up to hit the market in decades.Made in the US, developed by chemists with over 100 patents, their products no only add raincoat technology, but [...]

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