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Basic Fly Knots

We asked a room full of anglers, "What are the best fly-fishing knots?" Two hours later, the debate was still going on! From disagreements about fly fishing leader knots to arguments about the strength of a turtle knot, there were many opinions to consider.However, there were a few knots that literally everyone said they rely [...]

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A Beginners Guide to Fishing for Pike

Fly fishing for Pike is becoming ever more popular each year. They are an exciting fish to catch on the fly. They are abundant and wide spread throughout North America. Many fly fisherman start out fishing for trout, and then branch out into other species.In fly fishing for Pike, you’re really not going to be able to use [...]

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Choosing the Right Fly

As fly fisherman we dream about time spent on the water. Its what we live for; those moments of hooking up with our desired species. The exhilaration that comes from seeing that trout come up and sip our fly, or the thrill of seeing the indicator jet beneath the surface is exactly why we dream of our time spent [...]

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​Spring Time Means Blue Winged Olives!

It’s getting to be that time of year. Spring means hatches of Baetis mayflies. As water temps begin to rise, we get to see the first hatches of Blue Winged Olives. BWOs hatch in both Spring and Fall in good numbers throughout North America.These little mayflies are perfectly adapted to the harsh weather conditions often encountered at these [...]

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​At what age do you teach your children to fly fish?

I I get asked this question a lot, and I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to it, and it’s highly situational.Safety FirstI river fish quite a lot. For my two daughters, their ability to be strong swimmers was very important from a safety perspective. For them to go out on some adventures with me, they [...]

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​Give Leeches Some Love

I’m just a dry fly guy trying to improve my game. I get it, we all get excited for the Stonefly, Baetis and Caddis fly hatches right around the corner. However, subsurface fishing techniques are very necessary if we are going to be well rounded in the sport we love.I’ve been swinging leeches and floating them under an indicator. [...]

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Common Spring Creek Mistakes

Fishing spring creeks can be a great challenge. Avoid these common mistakes to improve your success on the water.  Limit your false casting. Too much false casting increases the odds that the fish will sense your presence. Whether it’s spray on the water, seeing the line overhead, or feeling your movement in the water, too much false casting [...]

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Emergers: Caddisflies

As previously written, emergers are one of my favorite patterns to use, and very under utilized by the average fly fisherman. In our last blog, we spoke a bit about mayfly emergers. Here, I’d like to get into Caddisfly emergers.Caddisflies go through a complete metamorphosis. The pupal stage is the emerging stage. The caddisfly [...]

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Emergers: Mayflies

EmergersEmergers are one of my favorite patterns to use, and very under utilized by the average fly fisherman. They are an important part of any trout’s diet. Emerger ring in the hatch, and will continue throughout. There’re basically two kinds of emergers. There’s one that will emerge from the riverbed, drift in the film of [...]

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Fly Fishing Rod Actions Explained

Fly fishing is a surprisingly deep and complex sport. It looks a lot more visually impressive than regular spin fishing – sometimes requiring you to wade deep into the water to cast out your line – but it’s also very nuanced. Despite what some people might think about fly fishing, this is not just a case of waiting patiently [...]

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