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The Nymph Trinity II: The Prince Nymph

The Prince Nymph is one of our top selling flies for a reason, it catches fish. I get asked a lot, what insect is it supposed to match. I think the Prince is nymphs as the Adams is to dries. I doesn’t match anything in particular exactly, but it has features that represent several species.If you [...]

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Fly Fishing Gear for your Next Fishing Trip

Have you ever wonder what a professional guide considers as essentials for any fly fishing trip? Watch as RiverBum Pro Capt. Jimmy Daniels shows you what kind of equipment you need to make your trip a success. If you like this video, consider subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you can watch our entire [...]

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​Choosing a fly rod

I remember when I went to get my first fly rod, I was given the advice, buy a 9’ 5W and buy the best one you can afford, it’s really the only rod you’ll ever need.I was chatting with Steve Bensley of Maxxon recently and of course the topic of fly rods came up and I recalled this [...]

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Fly Fishing for Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in Idaho

In this week's fly fishing Friday, RiverBum Pro Capt Jimmy Daniels is in Idaho fishing for yellowstone cutthroat trout. Capt. Jimmy walks you through how to dissect the river into thirds to give you the best chance of catching trout. If you like this video, consider subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you can watch [...]

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RiverBum Bass Flies in Action

See our Bass flies in action in this short video by RiverBum Ambassador Gabby Rich. Skully Bugger Bighorn Jolie's Bluegill Special Bass Popper, Redhead, Orange Bunny Leech, Natural, Cone Head, Salmon Hook Bjorn's Mr. Creepo Black                                                     [...]

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The Nymph Trinity I: The Pheasant Tail Nymph

Anyone that does any cooking has probably heard of the “Holy Trinity” …onion, carrot, and celery. It’s a common foundation for many dishes. I think of Pheasant Tails as part of a sort of Nymphing Holy Trinity, Pheasant Tails, Princes and Hares Ear.Frank Sawyer is credited with developing the Pheasant Tail Nymph. It crashed on the fly fishing scene with the publication [...]

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Fly Fishing Slough Creek Yellowstone Park

RiverBum Pro Capt. Jimmy Daniels provides some tips and tricks for fly fishing Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park. Capt Jim talks about the type of hatches that come off the river, and what kind of patterns work best during the different times of the day.~~~~Tight Lines.... Capt. Jimmy Daniels

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Kayak Fishing

When it comes to “kayak” fly fishing, the first obstacle might be learning to cast sitting down in a tight space. So, if you are just getting into fly fishing out of a kayak, I would say “less is more”. Bring the least amount of gear possible, like your rod/reel, a box of flies, and maybe a net. The [...]

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Fly Fishing with RiverBum Pro Capt. Jimmy Daniels

RiverBum Pro Capt Jimmy introduces our newest video blog series. Capt Jimmy will be talking all things fly fishing, from where to go to what to use all, including fly fishing tips and tactics from different locations across the country.

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​Stop…..It’s Hopper Time!

The hoppers are out, the hoppers are out!  I love catching fish on the hopper. Big fish, aggressive takes! What better way to double it up? Any one that has ever fished with me knows I’m a two-fly guy and like to talk about fishing two flies, and love fishing with two flies. [...]

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