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Emergers: Caddisflies

As previously written, emergers are one of my favorite patterns to use, and very under utilized by the average fly fisherman. In our last blog, we spoke a bit about mayfly emergers. Here, I’d like to get into Caddisfly emergers.Caddisflies go through a complete metamorphosis. The pupal stage is the emerging stage. The caddisfly [...]

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Emergers: Mayflies

EmergersEmergers are one of my favorite patterns to use, and very under utilized by the average fly fisherman. They are an important part of any trout’s diet. Emerger ring in the hatch, and will continue throughout. There’re basically two kinds of emergers. There’s one that will emerge from the riverbed, drift in the film of [...]

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Fly Fishing Rod Actions Explained

Fly fishing is a surprisingly deep and complex sport. It looks a lot more visually impressive than regular spin fishing – sometimes requiring you to wade deep into the water to cast out your line – but it’s also very nuanced. Despite what some people might think about fly fishing, this is not just a case of waiting patiently [...]

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The Skwala Hatch!

The Skwala hatch is one of the best kept secrets in western waters. The Skwala is a relatively small stonefly generally in the size 8-12 range. It’s a brown to olive bodied critter which start becoming active late winter to early spring when water temps start to rise into the 40’s. Look for its emergence onto [...]

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Hammer The Hatch

If you want to improve as a Flyfisher and bring more fish to the net, you really need to know your bugs, and their life cycles.  Mayflies will go from nymphs, emerger, dun, then spinner.  Caddis, stoneflies, and midges will go from nymph, pupae, to adult. Here’s the thing, there is a ton of information on the web that is quite good for [...]

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​Master The Mend

Drag. It is the arch nemesis of the flyfisher. It’s an evil phenomenon the we need to eliminate in order to catch more fish. I would wager that 90% of the refusals we get are because our presentation is not drifting naturally in the water. The other 90% is because we are not using [...]

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To The River!

Here’s a quick fishing tip for ya. When I walk to the river, I normally do so with my rod facing backwards. I do this for a couple of reasons. I’m a bit older, I’m rockin the dad bod these days, and am not as nearly as nimble on my feet as I used to be. [...]

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College Fly Fishing Teams

A small knit group of like-minded anglers at Arizona State University are sharing their passion for fly fishing with other students. Have a look as RiverBum Ambassador Gabby Rich takes a break from her studies to introduce us to her College Fly Fishing Club Team.

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Fly Fishing Trip Preparation

When you’re going on an excursion trip, it’s pretty obvious you need to spend time getting ready in advance, but many anglers fail to prepare for day trips. Ever look forward to going on a day trip with a buddy, getting there nice and early, only to spend 45 minutes at the truck getting everything sorted out and [...]

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​Leader Eater

I don’t make my own leaders. I buy the tapered leaders with the loop. For me, it’s easier. When you do build your own leaders, you carefully construct your leader stepping down to your final diameter. You might go a couple of feet of 1X, down to 3X, down to 5X and then to 6X. [...]

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