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Two Fly Guy: Life Cycle Pairings

I love a two fly rig.  That’s really no secret if you watch this blog.  Summer has arrived and with it warmer weather and slower water. The fish have already seen their fair share of flies and are starting to get their Ph.D in lip piercings. They are also starting to get more selective.  Is your [...]

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The Steeple Cast

I fly fish on the St. Joe River in Northern Idaho quite a bit. For much of the water shed, your back is literally going to be up against the wall once you get down on the river.  Whether its rock, trees, or other obstructions, we’ve all been in the situation where we simply don’t have room to back [...]

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Clear, Slow Water Fly Fishing Tactics

Slow and Low. That’s how you cook proper BBQ, but Slow and Low when it comes to water conditions can be a challenge.  Hey, the rivers are on the drop and in great shape. But in many areas, we are already seeing some challenging river conditions. Slow, Low, and Clear water means spooky fish. This can be [...]

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Arkansas Fishing Report

It is Free Fishing weekend in Arkansas this weekend so it’s a great time to come visit without having to buy a license. It also means areas will be very crowded so be prepared to hike or boat to places to get away from the crowds.Little Red River-Power Generation is starting to pick up with the hot [...]

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Fixing Your Double Haul

Those who enjoy fly fishing regularly know that the sport is about feel and timing more than anything else. The double haul truly exemplifies this.  We've written on the double haul before, so I won’t go into great detail here on the cast itself….but here’s a link to it:  Intro to Fly Fishing: The Double HaulMistake #1: [...]

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West Virginia Fishing Report

The Cicada hatch is in full swing here in North Central West Virginia right now, and fish of all species have taken notice! Many bass were taken this weekend on a cicada pattern by both spin and fly rod.  My daughter in particular had a blast this weekend catching the biggest fish after moving ole [...]

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Fly Fishing With Your Child

Summer is right around the corner. The kids will be out of school and outdoor activities are going to be plentiful to all. It’s a great chance to introduce our children to the sport of fly fishing.  I’ve taught my oldest daughter, Madison, to fly fish with some fairly good success. She’s getting out of the [...]

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The Real Deal on Fly Fishing Reels

Opinions vary greatly on the type of reel, and certainly the expense, of the reel a fly fisherman needs. The needs of a fly reel are far different than a gear reel. In gear fishing, a good quality baitcaster is going to help you cast better…..it couldn’t be more opposite in fly fishing.  My rule of thumb [...]

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Dress Your Fly For Success

Presenting a fly fishing fly is all about making your offering look as natural as possible. This includes a drag free drift properly placed in the water.  But it also includes the correct preparation of your fishing fly to make it look as realistic as possible. If you’re anything like me, you have a couple fly boxes packed full of [...]

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River Report: Arkansas

Well, things have been a little erratic in the natural state the last several weeks. It’s Arkansas, so if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes, it will change. We’ve had temperature ranges from the 40’s all the way up to the 80’s over the last few week.I did get the chance to breakaway [...]

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