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Changing River Levels

How many trips have people taken in the past where changing river levels interferes with your fly fishing trip? My last trip to Alaska is a good example of this. I had been fly fishing for five days with nice weather and the river was dropping every day. The water was very clear with lots of King salmon [...]

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Wyoming Fishing Report

I just got back from Miracle Mile Wyoming, the flows were right at 2500cfs which is a good level. However, Pathfinder Res is completely full and has backed the river up all the way to Rainbow Run pull off. Some good Stonefly hatches in the evening up higher towards the dam, mid to lower part of the [...]

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​Have a Panfish Session

One of the goals of RiverBum is to open up the sport of fly fishing to more folks, from all walks of life, and all ages. Those of us that have been fishing for a while likely started out with a bobber and drowning a worm fishing for panfish.Fly fishing for panfish is a great way to get [...]

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Swamp Hopper

Hopper season is upon us! There is nothing like seeing a big brown trout smack your offering. It is a total thrill! Hoppers are the big juicy steak of the trout world. Who amongst us can pass up a nice juicy ribeye?I see many fly fisherman make a fundamental mistake while hopper fishing…..as soon as [...]

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​If at first you don’t succeed, DON’T try again!

Refusals are all part of fly fishing. We’ve all been there. A huge trout swats at our stonefly pattern, a huge bump on our streamer but no love….it happens all the time. What do we do? We swat that same spot…..over and over and over. There’s a couple of things I want you to [...]

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​Big, Bad, German Brown

RiverBum has greatly expanded our streamer offering. We have hundreds of new fly fishing patterns in, including some big boys and articulated streamers. When you fish these bad boys, you’re not going for volume of fish. You’re going for the King of the river. The biggest, baddest trout in the water.  Want to improve your [...]

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​Beetle Juice & Chocolate Ants

For some reason, when it comes to the fly fishing world the beetle and a small ant are often overlooked as a viable fly fishing offering, many folks favoring throwing large Chernobyl’s and the like. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Chernobyl’s and similarly large fly fishing flies, but they are not right for every situation. Beetles & Ants, [...]

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​SA Freshwater/Saltwater Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader: Product Review

Look, I know there is great debate on whether or not Fluorocarbon is invisible in water. While I’m not in the camp of completely invisible, they are for sure darn tough to see. Most rivers are getting into their summer flows. That means our presentations need to be stealthier. I’ve been using SA’s Fluoro leader for a few [...]

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​Learn to Love the Back of the Bus

I just did a two day float on the Blackfoot River. What a fantastic fly fishing trip. The buddy I went with hadn’t done a guided fishing trip for over 20 years and the trip was a combo birthday, Father’s day, and Christmas present for him. Since I have the good fortune of going [...]

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Summer Time, Fly Fishing Time

Summer is here, and early summer is one of my favorite times of year to fly fish. I can ditch the waders and wet wade. There’s nothing like a beautiful 80 degree day on a mountain river wading waist deep in 55-60 degree water. It is also the time of year where some epic hatches occur.  Green Drake [...]

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