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Hot High Water Flies

With warmer Spring and early Summer weather comes high water in many rivers and streams. This definitely presents a challenge, but that by no means should inhibit you from getting a line wet! Here are a few of my favorites and some techniques for fishing them in high water: Tungsten Bead Hot Wired Prince Nymph The added [...]

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​Wild Trout vs. Hatchery Trout

I moved from Washington State to Pennsylvania not too long ago. The differences between the two states is striking when it comes to trout fishing. Pennsylvania stocks a lot of trout.  So, why not a bit of a chat on the differences between stockies and natives?The discussion of the differences between hatchery and wild trout is [...]

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Fly Fishing for Water Wolves

When I was about 5 years old, I pulled a huge Northern Pike out through the ice and screamed to my dad that I caught an alligator….or so the family story goes. The point here is, Pike are not for the faint of heart, this isn’t your alpine trout fishing trip. Big one can measure in at [...]

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Bass Fly Fishing for the Beginner

Most of us that have bass fished started off using conventional gear.....as in spinning rods and bait casters. However, fly fishing for bass has some key advantages over conventional gear.  Advantages to Fly Fishing for Bass The biggest advantage is that you are in constant contact with the line. Any subtle take, you're going to [...]

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​Fly Fishing and Fantasy Football

So, I took up playing fantasy football 5 seasons ago. I’ve been to the playoffs four out of five years and have won it all twice. Not too bad I think, especially since others have been doing it 15 years and only won once.So what’s the secret to my success?  I would have to say, adaptation. [...]

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Top Trout Flies

The question I’m often asked is what are the top trout flies?  At RiverBum, we have over 3,500 fly patterns. That’s a lot for sure. But wherever in the US you fish for trout, these trout flies are must haves for any flybox. 1. Adams It’s no secret I’m a dry fly fisher. It’s also no secret [...]

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Go Sub Surface For Fishing Success

You know I’m a dry fly guy. But even a dry fly guy needs to go underwater from time to time. Truth be told, you will put far more fish to the net using a wet fly or nymph than you will a dry fly. Over 80% of a fish’s diet is eaten under water.Wet FlysPrince's, Hare’s [...]

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​Dry Flies for the Non Hatch

If you’re like me, you love a dry fly bite, there’s nothing like seeing the take on the surface. It’s pure adrenaline. However, early and late in the year, insect hatches aren’t exactly prolific. So what’s a dry fly guy to do?  Temperatures Above 55 Well, if the water temperature is above 55 degrees, you break out the dries! [...]

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​Bucket Mouths on the Fly

Many of us grew up gear fisherman going after bass. I know I did. Fly Fishing for bass takes bass fishing to a whole other level. Some say it is more difficult. There could be some truth to that. However, using a fly rod, you more delicate presentation in your favor, one [...]

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​Don’t Buy that Fly! A Guide For Beginners

Beginners: Stick with the Essentials The pure variety of flies on the market today can be overwhelming, especially to the novice fisherman. At RiverBum, we have over 2,500 unique patterns!  The truth is, you don’t need all of them.  Yes, I own a business that sells flies, and I’m telling you that you don’t need all of them. [...]

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