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Streamer Fly Fishing Basics

One of my goals last year was to fish more with a streamer. Fly fishing with streamers is a great way to increase your chances of landing a large trout. If you think about it, it sure make sense that a large trout is going to each large forage.  Small bugs can catch large fish, no doubt about that. [...]

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New Fly Patterns

Innovation never stops in the fly fishing industry. We are always trying to come up with new and creative ways of chasing our friends with fins. RiverBum has invested heavily in bringing additional product offering to the market place.Saltwater Flies Let’s face it, our saltwater offering was sparse.  With the addition of Allison Hendricks, Tony Lai, and [...]

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​Purple is Perfect

How important is the color of your fly fishing fly? I mean, I have never seen a purple mayfly or stonefly? Yet the color works so well - 5 out of 4 trout surveyed said they preferred purple.  On a serious note, I’m no fish biologist, but many studies done by actual fish biologists have come to [...]

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​Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks - Bumper Bugs

Going to a new area that you haven’t fished or even an old haunt just a different section of the river? Wash your vehicle before you get out on the water.  That’s right. When you drive that river road, you’re going to get bugs splatting all over your newly cleaned car….and those bugs are the ones hatching! [...]

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​Why We Fly Fish

My undergraduate degree is in engineering. In the world of engineering, there are definitive right and wrong answers. There are formulas in chemistry, laws in physics….absolutes on how to get from point A to point B.Fly Fishing is the polar opposite, and a refreshing opposite for me. I write tips and tricks and the like very frequently, however, there [...]

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The Salmonfly Hatch

I’m headed out to Montana in a few weeks to fish the Salmonfly hatch with Jim Mitchell, one of the best guides I have ever fished with and all around great guy. This is a world-famous hatch that occurs in the western part of North America from Colorado to Northern California and on up to British Columbia.These big [...]

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Why RiverBum

When I sit back and look at our industry, it is certainly saturated with a lot of players. There are some very respectable competitors in the market space, and some, not so much. So what makes RiverBum so different?QualityWe have been in business for 13 years now, founded on a basic principal; offer great quality flies at a [...]

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Fat Guys Float

What a fantastic day I had this weekend in the Richmond, Virginia area. I went to visit my old friend Tabb Williams. Since I moved back east, we’ve been planning a trip. This weekend was it, and what a blast! Friday and Sunday we fished some of his local bass ponds and panfish haunts in kayaks. [...]

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Bee the Beetle

One often overlooked category of flies are the terrestrials, especially beetles and ants. Most of the time you don't see them on the banks or in the stream-side vegetation in great numbers so you don't really think about using beetle and ant patterns.Trout, however, are almost certain to know what they are. Many times when things have been slow I've tied on [...]

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The Magic of Marabou

The fly bounced across the riverbed. It slipped and slither through the water. The angler, current, and the fly itself brought it to life, so much so, that a 3lb smallie threw caution to the wind and inhaled the fly!It’s adrenaline pumping moments like these that have made me so fond of Marabou Flies. Marabou feathers originally [...]

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