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Fish Behavior Based on Water Type

One of the most overlooked aspects of fishing, I think, is fish behavior.  I’ve seen beginners really struggle with this, especially if fishing multiple species or changing from one to another. I know when I switched from gear fishing for Largemouth Bass to fly fishing for Trout, there was a huge transition and an entirely new education for me. Trout, [...]

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Being good steward of the sport and the land

I often get asked why the fly, or why flyfishing. I used to say because not many people do it, or because not many people are where I like to go. However much as with any enjoyable sport, more and more people, whom often times didn't get the chance to be outdoors as a kid, or [...]

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Streamer Fishing the Riffles

When the words "streamer fishing" comes up, most folks think about stripping through deep pools, runs, lakes, and long swings through deep water. How many of you honestly break out the streamer rod with shallow water and riffles? Probably not too many.  However, I got to tell you, I’ve caught many a fish in such water.Actively feeding fish tend [...]

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​The Bounce Rig

Need to get down deep? Swift water? You need to learn how to fish the Bounce Rig.Oddly, it’s a two fly set up. Yeah, strange coming from me isn’t it? Hey, I’m a two fly kind of guy! Here’s what you do. You actually tie weight on to the end of your tippet. About 6” above that, tie on some tippet [...]

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How to Choose a New Fly Rod

Today we are going to talk about buying a new fly rod.  But with so many brands out there, what do you buy.......Or more importantly to most......what do you spend? Now a days you can spend as little as $10.00 at a yard sale or $1,000 at a store! But why spend so much?!?!?Each rod has had [...]

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Mastering Shorter Casts

I was on the phone last night helping a customer with a rod selection. He at first was looking for a stiff, fast action fly rod. I of course asked him what kind of fishing he does. As it turns out, mostly small streams and brooks.It seems it’s all the rage these days to get into a [...]

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C​onquering Refusals

How frustrating. You make a great cast, get a good drift, a beautiful fish comes up……and it gives you the middle fin and turns away. After you’ve finished cursing like a sailor, here’s a couple of tips to try out…As the year progresses, fish get more educated, particularly on tippet. Go lighter on your tippet than you normally do. I’m actually [...]

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King Salmon on the FLY in Alaska!

Great year for fishing king salmon in Alaska once again. Every year calls for different river conditions, this year the water stayed low with no big rains to raise or muddy the water. We fished more with our fly rod this year than in past years. These are some of the things that stuck out has we tried to [...]

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Eat the Worm

I have the opportunity to travel the world in my professional career. Typically work is work. You’re putting in 10-12 hour days, you’re running and gunning, taking out customers, suppliers, staff or whatnot. There’s very little time to experience where you’re at. This is why whenever I’m someplace new, particularly a new country, I like to eat local. I’ve found it [...]

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The Heat Is On

Why do I hear Glenn Fry in my head right now? I guess I'm showing my age a bit too! Well, we are in full summer swing, and that means water temperatures are on the rise.  At RiverBum, we care about the conservation of wild and native trout, and frankly all species. [...]

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