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​No Soup for You: Winter Time Tips and Tune Ups

Maybe I’m reminiscing back to the days when the soup nazi would belt out “no soup for you”, maybe its because I’ve got a pot of gumbo on the stove, or maybe because its negative 8 degrees out but I can’t wait for this winter to be over with! It’s been bitterly cold and I’ve got a serious [...]

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​The Adams Fly

HistoryThe Adams fly is almost a century old. It is the unquestioned top selling dry fly pattern. Leonard Halladay is credited for designing the original pattern in 1922 naming the pattern after his fishing buddy Charles Adams.Leonard lived in Mayfield Michigan and frequented the Boardman River. He began tying flies at the ripe “old age” of 17 and [...]

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Surf Fishing

Surf fishing can be downright intimidating to many. Wading a long stretch of surf on a deserted beach can be just as tranquil and rewarding as fishing pocket water in the Rockies for trout. Surf fishing is not easy, especially with a fly rod. Ask any bait fisherman.I’ve targeted stripers and blues on the east coast before. [...]

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Ban the Bobber!

Many of us rely upon an indicator when nymph fishing. After a while, when we’ve set the hook on enough snags and missed enough fish, doubt starts to come to mind. I’ve actually found the bigger the bobber, the bigger the misses.Why is that? I think you need to start with the fisherman. I live [...]

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Nymph Casting Techniques

The lob cast is the easiest cast for delivering nymphs upstream. This is not your elegant, tight D-Loop dry fly presentation. It’s pretty ugly. But it works. Roll cast your flies slightly upstream. When your flies are even with you, lift your rod and let the flies trail slight downstream. Sweep the rod upstream on [...]

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The Most Overlooked Aspect of a Destination Trip

Tis the season….your inbox is blowing up with all these fantastic looking destination trips. How do you decide! So many trips, so little cash and so little precious time!There's a lot of trips out there.  Sorting through them and narrowing down your choices is only half the battle.  The real challenge, is who you end up [...]

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​X? What the heck does X mean?

Well 11, you didn’t know that?  Seriously. I get this question a lot as it pertains to leaders and tippet. The system is really counter intuitive. The smaller the number, the thicker and heavier the material. The larger the number, the finer and lighter the material.Makes no sense to me. It’s like wire and [...]

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​Fly Rod Selection For The Beginner

So, I get asked this question a lot, what fly rod are you using? The fact is, I have a lot of fly rods and routinely use many of them. Many are species and water specific. I’ll use my 2wt popping for blue gill, 4wt. dry fly fishing trout and a 6wt streamer fishing for trout. [...]

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​Finding Time to Fish

We are all busy, very busy. I’m a husband, father of two very active daughters, an executive in my professional work, own this very wonderful small business, and in my “spare” time I do a bit of pro bono business consulting and charity work. Finding time to fish can be a challenge. Here’s a couple [...]

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Late Fall fishing....got browns?

We went on our annual fishing trip to New York this past week. We fished some Lake Ontario streams for brown trout, steelhead, and king salmon, and what a trip it was.Our 6.5 hour drive was almost entirely made in rain which gave us hope that the streams would rise and bring in some [...]

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