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Warm Water Fly Patterns

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RiverBum Pro Capt. Jimmy Daniels talks about some of the best warm water fly patterns you can use to catch Bass, Panfish and other warm water predators. Flies include Gurglers, clousers, bass poppers, Damsel Flies, and wooly bugger patterns.

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PMDs and Sulfurs

I have had the opportunity to live both on the East Coast and the West Coast - which means I have fished both. West Coast PMDs When I lived on the West Coast, a favorite hatch of mine was the  Pale Morning Dun mayfly hatch. As the name implies, these flies generally came off in the morning, and are very [...]

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Small Stream Fishing

Fishing small streams has got to be one of my favorite things to do! Sure, fishing a larger river for trophy trout can be a blast, but nothing beats hiking into remote places where catching a twelve-inch trout makes the whole trip. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite RiverBum flies to use while [...]

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The Copper John

In 1993, John Barr began working on an innovative nymph pattern all the way back in 1993.  After three long years toiling at the vice, the Copper John nymph pattern was born.  John went through several design and materials changes when he finally declared his invention finished in about 1996. Since its introduction in the [...]

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7 Reasons to Try Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is more popular than ever - and the sport is changing as well. Long gone are the days that the sport was purely for the rich, it is far more accessible than ever! RiverBum is proud to have been on the forefront of inviting more people into the sport we love. If you haven’t [...]

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Stillwater Fly Fishing

There’s a huge difference between Stillwater fly fishing and fishing in streams and rivers. The biggest difference is current. Flows in streams and rivers help to present the fly, move it naturally, and entice a strike….no such luck with Stillwater fishing.The second biggest difference, with out that flow of water, fish are free to move about with far [...]

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Saltwater Fly Patterns

RiverBum Pro Capt. Jimmy Daniels talks about some of the best saltwater fly patterns you can use to catch Permit, barracuda, bonefish, redfish and Tarpon. Flies include shrimp, clousers, deceiver and crab patterns.

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Green Drake Hatch

Hello fellow PA Fly fisherman! Every year I hear talks of the infamous  green drake hatch and guys talking about how they can never seem to hit this very limited time hatch which always seems be around the end of May or the beginning of June. It's a short hatch that only last 10-14 days. Well here is a little [...]

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Panfish On The Fly

One of my favorite rigs for panfish is a popper/dropper rig. I pick a small  panfish popper or bass popper, tie on a 2’-4’ piece of tippet, and tie on a  nymph. I love this rig. Most times my nymph of choice is a pheasant tail or a worm, but really it can just about any Stillwater nymph. [...]

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​April Showers bring May Stripers -

This past April was one of the rankest in Boston history. However, May in Massachusetts kicks off Striped Bass season. This past weekend, a month after I was fishing the flats in Abaco, I was bundled up in foul weather gear getting ready to test my luck with Schoolie Striped Bass in the North River [...]

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