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​April Showers bring May Stripers -

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This past April was one of the rankest in Boston history. However, May in Massachusetts kicks off Striped Bass season. This past weekend, a month after I was fishing the flats in Abaco, I was bundled up in foul weather gear getting ready to test my luck with Schoolie Striped Bass in the North River (Scituate, MA).

Armed with an 8 weight outfit and a box of tan/white, grey/white and chartreuse/white clousers and a few top water treats, our goal was get in front of the large schools of VERY hungry juvenile Striped Bass. Our efforts paid off with several multiple hook up situations with literally endless action.

The Schoolie run during the spring on the East Coast is really an amazing time. These fish are covering ground in search for food in such a diligent manor. It almost feels like a light switch goes off, then bam – they are here. We will continue to target Stripers of this size for the next few weeks or so, in anticipation of their larger family members moving in. As the season goes on we will see Stripers targeting Herring, Mackeral, Pogies, as well as various crabs/lobsters. It is important to monitor the feeding patterns of these fish, and match your gear and presentation accordingly. When you figure it out, they surely are a rush to catch.

Cheers and tight lines-

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Open Loop Casting - Fly Fishing Friday

RiverBum Pro Captain Jim Daniels is back with another Fly Fishing Friday episode. As the new season gets underway, Capt. Jim gives a refresher course in casting with a focus on the Open Loop cast.

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High Water Fishing Tips

Spring is here! For many watersheds across that country, that means high waters! As the snow pack melts, streams across our great nation get flooded with cold water.KNOW YOUR RIVERNothing, I mean nothing, replaces knowing the particulars on the rivers you fish. 10,000 cfs on the Clark Fork is nothing but a trickle, but on Rock [...]

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10 Go-To Flies For Trout

With so many trout flies available today, it can be confusing to try and choose what to carry in your fly box. There are literally 1000's of flies to choose from in various sizes and colors. However, many are redundant, and you really don’t need that many fly patterns to cover most of the situations you [...]

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The Brindle Chute

What in the world is the Brindle Chute Fly? This fly was originally designed by Chuck Stranahan for the hecuba mayfly hatch that occurs late summer on the Bitterroot River in Montana. This is no hatch specific fly, however. It truly resembles a very wide range of aquatic insects and has turned into a fantastic searching pattern.While it [...]

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The Salt River Project: Urban Carp Fishing

 When most people think about fly fishing, they think about wild trout in beautiful forests or high mountain lakes. But how about fly fishing for carp in urban canals? If you fly fish in Arizona, you’ve probably heard about all the rave over canal fishing or seen impressive pictures of fifteen-pound commons on Instagram. It [...]

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Early Season Trout Tactics

It’s starting to warm up, the sun is out, and you’re chomping at the bit to go fishing. Yeah, we all get that feeling. But the water is high and murky, streams are blowing out, and water temperatures are in the 40’s…..what to do, what to do, and what to do…….Streamer FishingMy go to this time of year [...]

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Basic Fly Knots

We asked a room full of anglers, "What are the best fly-fishing knots?" Two hours later, the debate was still going on! From disagreements about fly fishing leader knots to arguments about the strength of a turtle knot, there were many opinions to consider.However, there were a few knots that literally everyone said they rely [...]

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A Beginners Guide to Fishing for Pike

Fly fishing for Pike is becoming ever more popular each year. They are an exciting fish to catch on the fly. They are abundant and wide spread throughout North America. Many fly fisherman start out fishing for trout, and then branch out into other species.In fly fishing for Pike, you’re really not going to be able to use [...]

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Choosing the Right Fly

As fly fisherman we dream about time spent on the water. Its what we live for; those moments of hooking up with our desired species. The exhilaration that comes from seeing that trout come up and sip our fly, or the thrill of seeing the indicator jet beneath the surface is exactly why we dream of our time spent [...]

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