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Florescent Hot Mess

SKU: 040-669
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    Chartreuse Poppers?  Yes please.  This 8" quick shedding fly is tied on 5/0 Gamakatsu chemically sharpened hook, Surface Seducer Howitzer heads that remain just under the surface enabling these flies to pop or dive depending on how much force is used with each strip.  Pop on an extra slow intermediate line/leader and you can have the best of both worlds.  Quick shedding, on your first backcast this fly will shed most of its water weight for ease of casting.  Fluorescent Hot Mess would be suitable for the sweet or salty waters.
    What does Quick-shedding mean?  It means that on your first back cast 80% or more water weight is shed immediately and you are back to concentrating on where to put your fly rather than struggling with a wool sock on the end of your line.  These flies are tied hollow style which look and act bulky without being bulky.  Also, the materials chosen for these flies are less likely to wick up water weight  All flies are tied on stainless steel saltwater grade hooks. 

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